Starfield: Made for Wanderers

I am totally hooked, NG+ keeps calling me back, more of the same, just with all my skills. Loving it even more now that I don’t feel the need to do any quests at all. I hated some of those quests, spy/sneak/underworld ones, bleh.


I like the idea of the game that combines everything from space exploration, combat, base building, ship building, etc. It was a very ambitious project.
However, the space exploration and combat part of the game isn’t as good as Freelancer and the base building and other aspects are not as good as Fallout 4, but I suppose that comes with being a jack of all trades (and master of none).

So I’ll continue and finish my game although I’m unsure if I’ll ever replay it. Might also be time for loading some mods.


What?! I love it so much. I’m constantly looking for locks to pick to scratch my itch.

/I finished the game and for me it’s the best Bethesda game since Oblivion. Probably nobody on the planet will agree with me but I even think it’s better than Baldur’s Gate 3. BG3 is fine, I finished it started again and got bored. I tried playing it again last night but lasted all of 5 minutes and then deleted it from my PS5 (it’s still on my PC, but I won’t play it unless I’m really bored).

Starfield is a 9.9 for me and the second best game I’ve played this year. The only reason I don’t give it a 10 is becase nothing can compare to TotK :stuck_out_tongue: . I moved on to NG+ and then rushed to NG+4 but I found myself no longer role-playing properly so I loaded my last save just before I finished it and opted out of NG+. Now I’m continuing doing faction quests and other random stuff as it pops up and I’m having the time of my life. I might take a break to play Cyberpunk with the new patch and expansion but I am 100% going to be returning to Starfield for years.

Also on the topic of base builiding: I’m super glad it’s not like Fallout 4! Absolutely hated it in F4 and I’m so glad that they made both it and ship building pretty much 100% optional. I will never build anything other than a resource extractor, if that, and I will most likely never use the ship builder either. I’m just not interested. I want to explore the planets and randomly generated dungeons and do quests and shoot guns.