Subnautica has officially come out of early access. Anyone else playing it? I’ve put a few hours into the early access version, but I’m planning on starting a new game soon, now that the story is complete.


The first time I played Subnautica was rather early in it’s development. While there was potential, I didn’t get into the game. I tried again at the beginning of last year, and the game just clicked. I figured out how it works, how to craft and find materials, and started building bases of my own. And from then on I was a fan. I will definitely be replaying the game since it’s out of early access and fully released. Would be great to add a story element to the game.


Waited so long for and for what a 9meg update :frowning:


So I played a bit last night, and I’m not sure whether or not the patch applied or not. Everything looked and felt the same. I did however notice a lot more radio messages popping up.


There are loads of animations that I have noticed also I am finding way more things now early on. Also the crafting menu they added a few more items. Also some new fish.


Found some kind of mesmerizing fish that I haven’t seen before, it has a pretty cool effect on you though.


So last night I had an incredibly creepy experience with the game. I got my Seamoth built and was exploring my surroundings. I saw my first Reaper Leviathan. I followed it a bit, from a safe distance. That thing was HUGE!! I got nervous when I got a little bit too close, so I diverted my attention to these cliffs, and finally found the island. I won’t go into detail what I found there, as it may be in spoiler category. Needless to say, I started realizing that Subnautica has a much deeper story and lore that needs to be explored. But I also realized that Subnautica has very dark undertones. And then I saw it, the Warper!! It freaked me the F out! I don’t know what is is, I don’t know where it came from, but my word, it freaked me the hell out.


Is it the one that hurts you? Near the mushrooms like things?

Bwhaha can’t believe you found the Reaper Leviathan before the Warper. The Warper can warp you out of your seamoth so be careful.


Lost a few hours of play because of game simply exiting so remember to save.

I also see they added a lot more Reaper Leviathans.


So how good is this game , its not that pricey at the moment.


The game is good, as in really good. I would highly recommend it if you are interested in a survival type game.

What I found the most refreshing of the game is the fact that the story is so interwoven into the game, that you don’t even realize that your entire gameplay is shaped by it. Never does the game force you to follow the story, but it’s just that you naturally find these story items, and progress further. It all fits together very well.

Plus it really is eerily peaceful and frightening at the same time.


Might be just the thing for me at this point nice casual explore and build type thing.


You will eat this words when you get eaten :stuck_out_tongue: But like hammer said this is a good game worth getting.


hmmmmmmmm what happens if you die in the game ? yes i know I can google it, i’m lazy its warm


In Hardcore mode, your game ends, because it’s permadeath. In Survival, you spawn in either your lifepod or your base, depending on which one you last visited. You lose the content of your inventory if you die and respawn though.


Ok taking the plunge , Downloading right now.


I’m trying to get all the blueprints for the cyclops. I’ve haven’t been able to build it before, hopefully this time.


I’ve only ever found 2 engine blueprints for the Cyclops. But then again, I haven’t been to the Arora yet. Too scared of the Reapers.


If you head straight from your escape pod towards the front of the aurora you shouldn’t encounter anything too threatening. Just stay close to the surface.


Behind the Arora there are a few more parts for the Cyclops as well as monster :smiley:

Still need to find the one more hull blueprint. but have been looking for a few days now.