started playing yesterday enjoying it, but got a bit of game induced nausea.

Moved my screen further away and testing something with my mouse DPI and turning of enhanced mouse in windows will see how that goes.


If youre scared of the reapers, take out a peeper and they leave you alone


I thought you were joking, but apparently it works. :astonished:


Wow really?? I’ll definitely remember that the next time I play.

Also, I got the laser cutter last night, and the game just opened up so much. I immediately went to different wrecks and found amazing new blueprints. In fact I’m making very good progress with finding stuff for the Cyclops as well. And my Seamoth is now called The Floater, is blue, and can go down further than ever.


Mine can go 900m got that last night but how did you make yours blue? I think I found it its the dam vehicle upgrade station.


That’s awesome! I didn’t know there are posters like that. And yes you use the Vehicle Upgrade station to change the colours.


I just got my mind blown took a few screenshots the game is almost a different game once you can get past 500m.

Also I found a time capsule with 6 Ion power cells :smiley: Charge 1000/1000 Yeah.


So, judge me all you want, but I had one huge rage quit last night.

So I finally grew the balls I am intended to have, and went to the Arora. I made sure to stock The Floater full of water, food and medpacks. I struggled to find the entrance to the ship at first, plus it was dark and that just put me on edge. But I managed to find one and got out of The Floater. Armed with my newly created propulsion rifle, I entered the building.

I found the most awesome blueprints, including a full prawn suit and a bunch of stuff for the Cyclops. I find even more food and water all over the place. All is well and I am in awe.

And then it happened…this small little parasitic thing latched onto my arm and began sucking me. I started losing health, i went into panic mode, dazed and confused I couldn’t shake this damn thing off and I died. My first death in the game.

Now I’m back at my base, but my seaglide is in The Floater, which is all the way at the Arora. Urgh!!




I have finally built the Cyclops. Now to figure out what to do next.


Hahaha same I was like awesome got my sub now what :smiley:

Mostly getting stuff to get the prawn suit.


This bastard tried to eat my sub, and then dared to stalk around near my base, so I killed him.


But…but… How?? You are my new hero!!

One of those reaper bastards attacked The Floater and destroyed it. I just got the hell out of there. And the story is getting really interesting and creepy now.


This is true , my ears were witness to the carnage.

This game is really amazing, its been a while since I enjoyed something in the was i’m enjoying this


@MetalSoup @Pr0fPyr0 @DieGrootHammer Has any of you gone down the massive hole near the aurora?


I think so, but I’m not sure if I’m thinking of the one you’re talking about. Are there giant mushroom trees in it?


Absolutely not. I’ve been way too afraid of all the bad things in the ocean that I don’t need the stress of deep holes now.

@MetalSoup ahhh…that makes sense then. I just got the stasis rifle, not yet the thermal knife thing.


haha no its the one where you go down 900m and still have not reached the bottom :smiley:


Guys take your sub(upgraded) to the lost river or else you will waste a lot of time like me since you have to go deeper than 900 meters.


I finally got the PRAWN suit. It’s awesome but needs upgrading to be useful. The Floater MK2 is now heavily upgraded and has taken me to depths I have not explored yet. Depths of very strange and dangerous things.

The statis rifle and thermal blade is my new favourite combinations and makes the ocean just a little bit less scary. I haven’t tried it on the Leviathans yet, but I did kill some other big beasts.

Other than that, I’m still looking for the last part of the Cyclops, and I’ve progressed quite a bit through the story. The story is getting really interesting and creepy now. There is something seriously off with this planet…