Just got back into the game, been playing it off and on for 2 years. It still is amazing :wink: A lot more story to it now too.


anybody using torpedoes on the moth or cyclops yet ?

I think its time to build a deep sea base for resources soon, I could use a good pant shitting


I tend to play the game as a mouse rather than a cat, running from nasties. Although, this play through I might go all Rambo on the critters.


I took the wrong turn and ended up facing 3 ghost leviathan Rip.


one appeared while I was leaving an area last night , heard noises turned while reversing to find the thing behind me I managed to get away mildly wrecked


Just finished the game. So glad I got it when I did. It was well worth it.


Metalsoup did you find many* capsules?


I found one, and it was full of floaters. :roll_eyes:


Bwhaha what to even do with floaters.

I have found 5 so far. 8 ion cells a stasis rifle and upgrades for sub and prawn suite.


I found one last night that had a really cool light , and then proceeded to get my shit wrecked by a reaper which I fought off initially , left the area and thought it must be gone by now…WRONG…


You can attach floaters to items, then they will lift that item up closer to the surface.

See what happens when you remove floaters from a floating rock/boulder.


And so my journey has ended, was lots of fun this game is definitely going to be on my list of Games of the Year


I started playing this game last night… wow…

I haven’t been sucked into an environment like this in a long time… I also did no research before starting the game, so its been very interesting figuring it out… Reading a bit on this topic it seems i have a looooong way to go lol… Im still operating primarily out of the escape pod, last thing i did last night was make Silicone which took me way longer than it should have to find the plant lol…

But shit what a great game… Iv been blown away by the sheer beauty of it…


I struggled with it so much man. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on and when I played it I didn’t have the time to invest. I should probably restart and try harder this time.


Watch someone play until they get on the aurora that should give you a good idea how to play the game.


I tried to go there. But I kept getting reset. Then I rage quit.


Dude i just swam around collecting stuff for a few hours last night, it was awesome! I can see how it would get frustrating though because nothing is really explained…


I also don’t really want to watch anything. It seems like the game you have to experience yourself the first time. I just need to put more effort in.


The Aurora is the ship that blows up?


What do you mean reset?