your playing it the best way.

I like the way they wove a story into the survival, i see people bitched because its not a RNG generated world but I think the time and effort that was put into polishing the map and weaving a story into the game made it worth way more than if it was just a typical survival game


Every time I got close to the big ship, it teleported me back to my pod.


probably because you died from radiation poisoning


Yes that is what I figured out afterwards.


Up to then its really perhaps 1% of the game and story. Only the 2de time you have to go there is were the story and mystery start.


Bwahahah okay that explains it.


Also Remember to save the game does not autosave


Yeah, that is something to get used to. I have been out of pc gaming so long, my quicksave muscle memory is gone.


Yeah learned that the hardway got eaten and my game crasheswhen I loaded back in lost about 3hour gameplay.


Reminds me of the old Final Fantasy days. Forget one save and you are fucked.


I feel an autosave feature wouldn’t be the worst thing this game could implement…


Its on there to do list.



This game is awesome. I bought it a few years ago. Got bored and left it. My son and I were watching NeebsGaming where they made this series of a guy playing the crashed survivor and trying to get off the planet.
So I bought him the game and we both started playing…damn, I think we both breathed and lived the game for about a month, we both got to the end of the beta and had to wait for the final version to be released.

Busy with my 3rd playthrough now.


I’m busy playing this at the moment thanks to the free giveaway on the Epic Store. I can see why it was Indie Game of the Year! The sea environment is fascinating place to explore and the game really opens up when you are able to craft a Sub. For a survival game it really doesn’t feel too grindy, the pacing is excellent and the sense of discovery at each new thing is extremely rewarding.


It’s pretty awesome, I’ve never liked survival games very much but this one was very different, probably because it has a properly designed world rather than randomly generated bs, and it also has an interesting story.

Then once you are done with it you watch speedrunners complete the whole thing in 40 minutes and your mind is blown.


Have you found any of the dev caches yet?


Ya the story definitely helps - it makes sure that you don’t have any downtime where you don’t know what to do next.

Just out of interest, if I hadn’t gone to the rendezvous point when the Sunbeam came to collect me, would it have avoided them getting shot down?


I don’t think so, are they some kind of easter egg in the game?


I think depending on your actions, or rather inaction, in the best case they won’t arrive at all, like if you never check the radio messages, but there is no way they land safely.