The Bethesda Launcher is Over

Good news for those who dislike the fact that there are so many game launchers and clients that they have to keep with. (Go GOG Galaxy 2.0 already!) From April you’ll have one less launcher to worry about. The Launcher is being put out to pasture, and Bethesda games will be migrating to Steam.


(So you get rid of one of the launchers, but your Steam backlog grows :expressionless: )

Bethesda, in their notice about the change, don’t give specific reason why the change is happening. I’d hazard a guess that part of the reason is because it’s a very under used application and probably costs them a fairly bit in upkeep costs. I honestly can’t recall when I last had the launcher installed. I think possibly the last time was when I got burned in the Great Fallout 76 Launch Fiasco of '18. *

And if memory serves, it wasn’t a particularly good launcher anyway.

Personally, I have very few games - less than 10 I’d guess it’s actually only 8 - that use the Bethesda launcher to run. Of those, the only one that is only on the Bethesda platform is Quake Champions, a game I’ve never played.

The others are all available to me another service, some even on multiple. Steam and Xbox Game Pass account for all the others. In fact, most of the popular Bethesda games were added to the Game Pass library a year ago already, when the Microsoft acquisition was finalised.

If you do have games that you would still like to add to your Steam library regardless, the migration process will start in early April, and you’ll have “plenty of time” to initiate the process. The Bethesda Launcher will still function throughout the month but starting in May you will no longer be able to play and access your games within the Launcher. From that point, if you want to play a Bethesda only game, you will have to initiate a migration to Steam, and use that to launch and run your game.

Game progression and game saves should transfer, although some game saves may need to be manually copied into their new home on your hard drive.

Find a fairly detailed initial FAQ on the Bethesda news site here:

So, honestly, is anyone going to miss the Bethesda Launcher? Like at all?


Doubtful that it will be missed. I think I installed it once upon a time and then never even used it.


It’s pretty interesting that they’ve opted to migrate to Steam rather than the parent company’s Xbox app. Wise decision though - Steam is far more versatile and feature rich than the, at times buggy, Xbox app.


I think you’re 100% correct. Most (all?) of the popular Bethesda games are already on Game Pass, and new releases will go there too in the future. By putting everything onto Steam as well, they capture pretty much every PC gamer, even those that do not Game Pass.


The only games I want to migrate is Quake 1, 2 and 3, all of them being a Bethesda launcher exclusive for me. The other games all launch from Steam into the launcher (if memory serves…)

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I had forgotten about this for a while and only realised that I should revisit transferring my stuffs to Steam because I noticed the Bethesda integration in GOG Galaxy was broken.

It’s a quick and easy process to do now though:

  1. Log in to your Bethesda account at:
  2. Ensure you have the correct Steam account linked: [Linked Accounts]
  3. Confirm what will and won’t be transferred and Start the Transfer: [Transfer Library]
  4. Profit Cry about all the new games joining the hundreds of others in your Steam Backlog.

Transferring my 5 free Bethesda titles collected over the years took all of 15 seconds.


I did not even know I had the Quakes :wink: