The Division 2



Friend request accepted, thank you. I don’t know where I’m supposed to receive the link to the Beta though…


Check your email used for uplay, i believe they said it will go there


Weirdly i cant see my invites


Have you tried using Edge? Chrome didn’t work for me, Firefox failed for TechThief. That Invite Friends block is some weird embedded thing.


I have been invited for the Private Beta of The Division 2 by a friend but I didn’t receive the email. What can I do?


After being invited, you should have received an email in your inbox. If the mail didn’t come through, make sure that:

  • you are using the mail address linked to your Ubisoft account
  • you have checked your spam folder
  • you have allowed Ubisoft to send you mail in the settings of your UBISOFT ACCOUNT.

Alternatively, you can also enable your Private Beta access on THIS WEBSITE.

I think it should also show up in the Beta tab in your Account Management settings but can’t get logged in right now to check :expressionless: Ubisoft Connect popup just hanging for the last 10 minutes.


Also this suggestion from Reddit:

Here’s how to get the email if a friend sent you a code. Click this link first. Then click redeem code (I know it’s weird because you haven’t got a code yet but click it) then click verify email. You will then get an email, hit click here. You’ll get an email confirming your verification and within a few minutes you’ll get your code.


I just tried that route, no dice. I’ll try some of the other options later today. Thanks!


It sounds like you not only have to have verified your email address, but also that you’ve opted-in to receive Ubisoft mails: (“ME” is not the me Me, it’s some random Me that asked the question and posted the response on the Ubi Forums.)

SUPPORT: Hey there! In order to receive that referral email your friend needs to be opted in to receive emails from Ubisoft. They can check this through the account management site (
ME: Okay if they arent opted in to receive emails yet, and they go turn it on, will they still receive the invite? Since I already sent the invite.
SUPPORT: They will receive the email within an hour or so after they opt in.
ME: Would it be the setting “Please update me with exclusive content and offers for Ubisoft titles.”
SUPPORT: That’s the one!

Which does seem a little OTT to me, but them’s the rules I guess. :man_shrugging:

Meanwhile, I still can’t login to the website to check the account settings page. :roll_eyes:


Yeah this whole thing is a fuck up. Tried everything and still nothing. well fuck em then.


Trying to download the game but uplay is limiting the speed to <600kb/s, where i should be doing like 900-1000kb/s


Yay so Edge is the key

@DarthMol do you need a pc invite?


The fact that we have to use edge is not a good omen, just saying


Well, still not getting the beta invite from @GregRedd via mail and tried everything to get access via alternative means. Enabled beta access in my account settings, signed up for email communication, clicked around everywhere where it made any sense and still nothing… Oh well, seems like Ubisoft is going with way EA did with their big beta weekend. I’ll stick to The Division 1 for some time more.


…and look what just dropped in my mailbox:



Haastige hond verbrand sy mond ne :stuck_out_tongue:


still nothing on my side.


But see you dont need one


yeah im over it now.


Lol. Murphy’s Law. Glad it got there eventually.

:smiley: I love Afrikaans idioms and expressions. They’re funny by themselves, even funnier with literal translations.


Well, the correct translation would’ve been a “rushed” dog, as in you’re rushing to get something done. That’s the actual meaning of “haastig”. So something like “Rushing dog burns his mouth”.

Edit: HASTY! Can’t believe I couldn’t think of that word. Hasty dog burns his mouth.