The Division 2



If you have a spare I certainly won’t say no :grin:


done so keep an eye out for the mail - be patient unlike some others.


the hell, anybody els’s download size change from 41GB to 28GB?




Not off to a good start for me. Attempted to start the game but it kept closing the launcher. So i verified the files and it said a few file were corrupted. So the launcher downloaded a small patch and now it wants to re-download the entire 41GB. Did this 3 times and each time it start re-downloading the game.

i’m not that interested in playing anymore!


Mine won’t be done in time :frowning:


I am in and playing


Right, after ± 1h of playing here is what I have to say:

  • Customization basically exists of choosing a gender and then clicking the random button until you find what you like, or just go with default, they look decent, but I don’t want to be that boring :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Gunplay feels nice, shooting the guns is quite satisfying
  • Very pretty and atmospheric, walking through the streets feel quite immersive
  • Controls so far make sense and work quite well, was able to quickly get used to all the buttons.
  • Cover system as a whole works well, but there have been one or two questionable hits that I took, the AI as well, so hopefully that gets fixed a bit.
  • One or two graphical glitches, but nothing game breaking or annoying, was like one glass and one wall looked weird.
  • Definitely better to be with teammates I feel, doing it solo is possible, but I was a bit closer to death than what I would have liked, also it would obviously make combat a bit faster, not that it is grindy, but I think that might change in the higher levels as the AI become more bullet-spunge-like, hopefully equipment scales well.

All in all really enjoying it, looking forward to play it more, if any of you guys play, lets try teaming up a bit and see how it is.


From what I’ve seen and read it basically plays like Division 1 with slight variations here and there.


Never played the first one, so this is all new to me.


That’s been my concern all along. That it basically feels like a DLC of sorts - Division on a new map.


That’s what it looks like to me. Honestly don’t think I’ll be able to play through something thats basically a 40 hour DLC


I’m not even that far in the first game yet. Only around 14 hours in and haven’t played in months!


I started the download but gave up since only 10 gigs is done


still no invite for me.


why not just leave it to run?


Cos until the fiber is actually active I still have a lovely cap at home :slight_smile:


aaah. what a bummer


Ah that sucks, since it is weekend, there is no way in hell it will be fixed before the beta ends


That sucks. I know it says you have to click Accept Invite in the email, but there has been a lot of kak with them generally. Have you checked if your invite has been maybe been activated in the background? Maybe check if the Demo game actually appears in your Game Library in the UPlay app? It’s a long shot I know, but hey, stranger things have happened.