The Division 2



What’s your Ubi username? I don’t have you in my Friends list to check if it says “Already Invited” for you and get “We can’t find anyone called Talentloos. Verify the name and enter it again.” when searching.


yeah I have checked all those things. Made sure the email notifications were on, tried all the things i found on the subreddit.


i think its talentloos87


This one I hope, with a capital T? Sent that one a Friend Request Invite, name gets added to my Friends List where it doesn’t have “Already Invited” next to it. Maybe that’s why you’ve never received an email - the system hasn’t recorded your invite. I’m sending you one of mine to see if we can get you in.

Edit: Okay, Invite sent. Your name now shows “Already Invited”. The text below is new - wan’t there when I sent Farlig’s invite. The page it mentions where you must accept is this one I assume:


that is me yes. So you are saying @MalicE fucking lied to me when he said he sent the invite. I KNEW IT!


also thanks dude.


Will let you know if it works now.


then who the fuck is Talentloos2010?


I changed the name this morning while looking for the beta shit.


I honestly don’t think @MaliceE did anything wrong. It’s a truly feckin shite system. Many people bitching about not getting their invites.


yeah i know. But why would i miss a chance to give him some shit?


sometimes change is good


Sometimes dead is better!




Get home and now there’s a 6GB update. WTF man!


Thanks dude. I got your invite. Stupid face @MalicE with his fake invites!


mine is 49mb


I have a suspicious feeling someone doesn’t want me playing their game…

Also, it won’t allow me to move passed the character creation screen :rofl:


Finally managed to get the game working and played for about 4 hours.

  • Weapons feels pretty much similar to the first game and while in the starting area enemies felt less spongy. (This definitely changes later on)
  • Frame rate was good and the game looks amazing on maxed out settings
  • Shooting, looting and hiding behind cover all feels exactly the same as in Division 1 so it was really easy to get back into the swing of things.
  • Didn’t have any issues with textures not loading etc. however my entire crew had issues with audio. At random times during our session game audio would just disappear. I wouldn’t be able to hear my own weapon firing but can hear my teammates. It got so bad at one point while we were in the DZ that i couldn’t hear other players footsteps or weapons and it felt like i had the game muted (i didn’t :smile:)
  • The end game content was pretty fun. I took the sharpshooter specialization and even when doing 300 - 400K headshot damage to elites it took a good 5 - 10 mins to clear an area before moving to the next area. They seem to be pretty spongy end game and do TONS of damage. A few times we got flanked and destroyed by an enemy with a shotgun

Overall it was fun and playing with your friends makes the game way better. I’ll probably buy the game on release but for now there is definitely a few things they need to update/fix. Luckily they have some time before the March release date.


I have to say, havent played the first one yet.
But loved the little I got to play last night. I think as soon as it goes on a special I will get this - in the mean time Destiny and the division 1 will be my go to games