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Hulle weet nie wat ons weet nie? (then again, ek weet ook nie)


I believe this picture has the 2024 Championship winning car in it. Which do you think it’ll be? Or do think there’s Ann Other that will produce a shock and outperform the big boys?

The 2024 F1 Championship Winning Car Will Be…
  • McLaren MCL38
  • Mercedes W15
  • Ferrari SF-24
  • Red Bull RB20
  • Ann Other 2024

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Do we vote with our brain or our heart? Because that would be 2 different answers :sweat_smile:


If I vote with my heart it will be the Macca but I will not jinx them :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok pulled a Wyvern and voted with my brain, so to jinx that team instead haha


It’s Testing Week!

Just three days of testing this year. And not much time between Testing and the season opener next weekend.

F1 TV Pro subscribers will get complete coverage of all three days from Sakir. Trying to find out if SkyF1 via Supersport will be broadcasting the test sessions as well. will have text commentary and updates on a live blog, plus live timing, and daily reaction and analysis after every session.


Exactly why I voted with the head this time :stuck_out_tongue:


golly, gosh, I got so caught up in your Pre-Season testing message that I didn’t even realise that its almost RAWECEEK again :scream:


I am just happy it is almost raceweek


And we’re live!
well, I’m looking at text but ok…


Yeah, no sign of coverage on Supersport. Some SkyF1 presenters (Rachel Brookes, Anthony Davidson, irritatingly Ted Kravitz) have joined the regular F1TV presenters and commentators, and are on F1TV with F1TV branded mics, so am assuming Sky don’t have a dedicated broadcast. F1TV Pro subscribers get full access on F1TV, others may need to be satisfied with the Live Blog and Live Leaderboard on (and various motorsport sites).

Live Timing

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2024 F1 Testing

Day 1 | Session 1

AM Leaderboard

  1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 1m32.548s, C3 tyre, 66 laps
  2. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) +0.699s, C3, 64 laps
  3. Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin) +0.837s, C3, 77 laps
  4. Oscar Piastri (McLaren) +1.110s, C3, 57 laps
  5. Yuki Tsunoda (RB) +1.588s, C3, 64 laps
  6. George Russell (Mercedes) +1.682ss, C3, 48 laps
  7. Valtteri Bottas (Sauber) +1.883s, C3, 68 laps
  8. Alex Albon (Williams) +2.039s, C4, 40 laps
  9. Esteban Ocon (Alpine) +2.129s, C1, 60 laps
  10. Kevin Magnussen (Haas) +3.144s, C3, 66 laps
  • Tyres: C1 hardest, C2 hard, C3 medium, C4 soft, C5 softest

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Man I know its function over looks but damn that Red Bull looks fugly with those buldges… or is it just me, hater?

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The drain has struck another Ferrari. Different drain, different car however.


Same as yesterday, but this time its Red Bull. My fok, drains are going to become a big problem.




Probably not going to have the time this season to do full race previews, so just the bare essential info. At least for the time being.

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix :bahrain:

Bahrain International Circuit | Sakir | Bahrain | 2 March

2024 F1 Season - Round 1 (Grand Prix 1 of 24)

The twentieth anniversary of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

  • Number of Times Held: 19
  • First Held: 2004
  • Most Wins (Drivers): Lewis Hamilton (5)
  • Most Wins (Constructors): Ferrari (7)
  • Circuit Length: 5.412 km
  • Race Length: 308.238 km
  • Laps: 57
  • Race Lap Record: 1:31.447 (Pedro de la Rosa, McLaren MP4-20, 2005)

Last Race (2023)

  • Pole Position: Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing-Honda RBPT, 1:29.708
  • Fastest Lap: Zhou Guanyu, Alfa Romeo-Ferrari, 1:33.996

2023 Podium

  1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing-Honda RBPT, 1:33:56.736
  2. Sergio Pérez, Red Bull Racing-Honda RBPT, +11.987
  3. Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes, +38.637

The Schedule

Note that this is a Saturday Grand Prix!

The Circuit

  • When was the track built?
    Ground was broken for the Bahrain International Circuit in December 2002. Like the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, the developers had a blank, sandy canvas to work with, and with that fashioned the technical, 5.4km track designed by Hermann Tilke.

  • When was its first Grand Prix?
    It was 2004 when the drivers first lined up under an unusually cloudy sky for the inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix. The race was dominated (like many in 2004) by the two Ferraris, with Michael Schumacher winning out from Rubens Barrichello, while the crowds were also treated to a fantastic dog-fight between the Jaguar of Mark Webber and the Renault of Fernando Alonso.

  • What’s the circuit like?
    You can usually expect great racing and decent amounts of overtaking in Bahrain, while the drivers have to contend with wind, racing under floodlights and the difficulty of finding a decent set-up with the wide temperature fluctuations between sessions. The track’s most challenging point is the tight, downhill, off-camber Turn 10 left-hander, while the fast run through Turn 12 is another highlight, allowing the racers to really feel their cars coming alive.

The Weather Forecast

Wind may be a factor for Practice and Qualifying sessions on Thursday and Friday. Saturday Race Day weather looks perfect for a Grand Prix.

The Tyres

Just a week after pre-season testing concluded, Formula 1 returns to Bahrain for the first round of the 2024 season, from Thursday February 29 to Saturday March 2. The usual grand prix weekend schedule has been brought forward by one day – as will be the case the following weekend in Saudi Arabia too – with two free practice sessions on Thursday, FP3 and qualifying on Friday, then the grand prix itself on Saturday. This move has been made by Formula 1 to accommodate the start of Ramadan on the second Sunday of March.

The teams come to Sakhir with plenty of information about how the car and tyre package works on this particularly abrasive track, where traction and braking stability are key to performance: both on a flying lap as well as on longer runs.

Track evolution is somewhat limited, with temperature being the biggest influence: two of the three free practice sessions take place in the heat of the day, making it harder to get a representative read on race data. Another factor often affecting the cars is wind, as it can blow sand onto the track and also make the balance unpredictable. Thermal degradation will be significant and can have a decisive impact on race performance, while wear is generally limited.

The Bahrain Grand Prix is traditionally one of the most spectacular races of the year as it offers a number of different overtaking opportunities, particularly in Turns 1, 4, and 11. Tyre degradation, with all the resulting different race strategies, also creates interesting performance differentials.

Last year, a two-stopper using the C1 and the C3 was the favoured strategy, with the C2 used by only one team (McLaren).

This weekend’s race will mark 20th Bahrain Grand Prix, although the total number of races that have been held at the track is 21: in 2020 the Sakhir Grand Prix was additionally run, won by Racing Point driver Sergio Perez.

The driver to have triumphed most often is Lewis Hamilton with five wins, followed by Sebastian Vettel on four and Fernando Alonso on three. The Spaniard is the only driver this weekend to have also taken part in the very first race at Sakhir, back in 2004. Last year, Max Verstappen took his first Bahrain Grand Prix win, putting an end to a victory drought for Red Bull in Bahrain that had lasted for 10 years. Ferrari is the most successful team with seven wins at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

More News and Info


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Also @GregRedd:
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