The MEW Occasional General Meeting


I left a few servers and left mygaming one as well.


Here’s one. It’ll be valid for 24 hours —

I’m still deciding if I should start revoking the unexpiring invites that are still active.


This link doesnt seem to work


Here’s one valid for another 6 hours -


It’s going to be interesting to see who shows up. @DieGrootHammer is very passionate about all of this and sent us a list of things to discuss.


nevermind found the time hahaha


Saw you hanging out in General :stuck_out_tongue:. Sorry I couldn’t keep you company I’m hunting for a recorder for Discord and/or audio driver to re-enable the Stereo Mix in Windows 10.


hahaha im finding my way around discord so no worries


:sob: wish I could join…will catch up with @SIGSTART hopefully tomorrow if you are available.


Lies! I got sent no list.


Here is a direct link to the voice chat, for any latecomers —


Paging @DarthMol. Paging @Blazzok.


Thanks for the discussion guys.


Was interesting since well now Sigstart knows about a mic.


I missed it :frowning:


Ask @SIGSTARTfor the minutes/recording


Don’t worry Malice, I’ve got a lot of notes you can read through:



Ah thanks for that. Makes it easy to track whats what.

I’ve been looking for information on adsense.

I found this page that might be useful (couldn’t find anything nicely formatted on the adsense website):

Which tells me we need

There are some pages which you must have before applying to Google AdSense if you want to get accepted.

These are about us, privacy policy and contact us pages.


ooo Podcasts, I like that idea…


Just reading through things and found this. In the notes is saw:

Rename/Recreate Discord, Steam Group, Steam Community Group
When: By 5 February

There’s also the twitter and PS Communities still as MG, unless they going to be started from scratch.