The MEW Occasional General Meeting



Discord was renamed, but everything else will have to be recreated (@Wyvern has already recreated the Steam group).

Unfortunately I’m not sure who owns the PlayStation community, otherwise we could just rename that one.


I know I am not running a twitter account :stuck_out_tongue: So no thanks to that someone else can be in charge there


If you want I can set them both up and then add everyone and share the logins to whoever.

I know the news section has rss so we can use IFTTT to auto post to the twitter page each time an article is posted.



By all means! Please send me the logins when you’re done. Our publishing system has integrations for Twitter and Facebook that we haven’t tested yet.


Perfect. Will do :+1:


Hi all. Just wondered how things were going with everything mentioned in this thread?

Also had an idea to maybe do some sort of game reviews section. Or if not reviews then just voting on a game’s different aspects to rate the game. Maybe even video reviews.

Then was also thinking about affiliate marketing. Whenever articles are written including links to games in stores, the affiliate links can be used. I know I’m getting ready to start writing the ‘games released this week’ thing which will definately have the links to the stores if available.

But anyway. Just wondering.

Still keen for that podcast :grinning:


I know it’s a totally crazy idea and will never be implemented but I saw this from IGN

Imagine a MEW box :package: :astonished:

Not practical or viable or anything I know. But still fun :grin:


Just wait till end of the year. Then you will see the magic of secret santa and the glitter bomb!!!


That is awesome!

As @Wyvern mentioned, we do have an annual tradition of sending loot crates to one another ;).

In seriousness, though, if someone wants to get into online retail under the MEW name, I’ll be happy to help set up the site and get the ball rolling. Just not anything that involves packing orders or couriers (or the post office shudder) :smiley:.


Tshirts! :grin::tada:


You could do a Mew shirt, ask members to create art for the shirt and then the best design for the month can get printed to order.


I need tshirts


Hey…how about another meeting like this to discuss the new year and the new action for the year??


Sounds like a plan. Next week?


Yes next week works. Shall we stock a poll up to hear who wants to join and when?



Okay then, so if you want to be part of the next seemingly annual MEW General Meeting, please vote on your preferred day for next week. The meeting shall begin at 20:00 in the evening on the chosen day, and a agenda will be put together beforehand for everyone to prepare.

So vote here on the date of your choice. You have until this Sunday to vote:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Right, with Monday and Wednesday being the two dates chosen, and it already being Monday, I think the next meeting should be this Wednesday.


So shall it be. So let it be done. I’ll get the Discord and everything in order so long.


Perfect thanks!

In the mean while, here are some talking points I think we need to cover:

  • Writing and reviewing or articles
  • Use of social media to gain more users
  • Ways of retaining and encouraging current registered users to keep posting/reading
  • Planned activities and who will help organize them (One Hour Challenge, MEWME, Streaming, Podcast etc)
  • Podcast discussion and planning
  • Overall business discussion

Feel free to add anything that should also be discussed.