The MEW Occasional General Meeting


Also, here is the document we worked off of last year:


On this note, I was wondering how does discourse work with regard to indexing? If I try to google MEW the only way it shows is if I type the full ‘Most Epic Win’. ‘Gaming News South Africa’, ‘Geek News South Africa’ etc. bring up nothing pages and pages into the results.

Are we maybe just not putting our feelers out there enough for the indexing to catch us? Just an idea for a topic maybe.


I specifically avoided using terms like “gaming” in the site’s description to avoid it getting blocked by people’s work firewalls.

We must find out if it’s working, otherwise we should add those keywords to help Google find us more easily.

Keep in mind that we’re a fairly young domain, and on a non-standard TLD. Google always used the age of the domain as a data point to determine how much it should be trusted. Not sure if it still works like that.


First bump for anyone interested in joining the meeting TOMORROW evening. No need for any alarm, just a friendly reminder.


There’s something fishy going on. If you literally type the name of any of the articles into google, it finds nothing. ‘From Software currently working on 2 unannounced titles most epic win’ gets no hits at all. Even older ones like ‘CDProjekt RED is not done with Witcher just yet most epic win’ get nothing. I think that’s half our problem.


Hrm… I’ll double-check if there’s something preventing Google from crawling the site. I doubt it, though. With Ghost and WordPress you have to specifically disable those features.

I’ll sign up for a Google Webmaster account and see what’s going on.


Guys, sorry but I won’t be able to join tomorrow night. See, my wife will be away for one night. Now, that never happens. So I have to live like a bachelor and treat myself. Maybe drink beer and play xbox or something like that.


Right, I’ll keep updating the agenda to ensure we know what we have to discuss, and don’t just sit and share funny memes the whole night with each other.

  • Writing and review of articles discussion
  • Use of Social Media to gain more users
  • Getting MEW noticed by Google and in Google searches
  • Planned Activities and the organisation thereof
  • Podcast discussion and planning
  • Overall business discussion


I’ve set up a text and voice channel for the OGM.

Here’s an invite link to the Discord (which is set to expire tomorrow) in case someone needs one —


nevermind I will try to be there by then!


Site is definitely indexed. I think the domain and the newness of it is preventing it from showing up for specific terms, like articles for instance. The newer the domain, the slower google crawls. Also i assume there are no real links to MEW, google still puts a lot of faith in links.

Also @SIGSTART, have you hooked up analytics? would be interesting to see that as well.


We can chat about analytics at the meeting. I have mixed feelings about using Google’s, but I’m happy to roll our own analytics server based on an open source system.


Yeah just from an SEO perspective, its a bit weird. Everything is running on sub domains. That also makes it more difficult. Since your base domain is doing nothing. redirects to for instance. Forums in their nature are tricky. also the words most epic win gets used for so much stuff, will be difficult to distinguish yourself from all the fortnite videos that have millions of views and titles like most epic win.


What time is this starting. I’ll be able to join from 21:00 and not 20:00 unfortunately. Do you all think you’ll still be on by then?


These are issues that were raised when we were choosing the name last year, but folks really loved MEW :slight_smile:. is still an option :stuck_out_tongue:.

Seriously, though, I’m pretty sure that if we focus on good content, and if I implement whatever suggestions Google’s Webmaster tools has for me, in time we’ll rank on Google.

I looked into this before we settled on our technology stack, because Discourse and Ghost (at the time) preferred sub-domains.

According to Google, there is no longer any difference between subdomains and subdirectories when it comes to your domain’s ranking.

We’ll probably still be chatting. Is there something you’d specifically like to discuss? We can try to schedule things accordingly.


Jip. Time is key.


Indeed. Thanks for weighing in. It’s really helpful having more than one set of technical eyes looking at MEW’s setup to make sure I’m not accidentally hamstringing us.


OK folks, we’re going to get started.