The MEW Occasional General Meeting


Ghost doesn’t create/use different urls/post slugs for mobile versions of the posts, does it? If the reason that all those posts are missing from the Google index is because the crawler is seeing them as not mobile-friendly and therefore excluding them, maybe there is something that we’re putting into our posts that is making them “not responsive enough” to satisfy the Accelerated Mobile Pages requirements? Fixed width image dimensions? Fixed width posts? I’m spit-balling here.


No it’s expected behaviour.

Main article link:
AMP link:

On mobile, Google knows to send you to the AMP resource, but indexes the main URL as canonical.

The reason posts are being excluded is because the crawler is hitting us infrequently. The last time Google read our Sitemap was 2 January.

We just need to get it to crawl us more frequently.

*EDIT: That said, there are a handful of warnings with regards to AMP. I’ll chat to the production team about that later. Nothing serious.