The Most Epic Gaming Quiz - Volume 2


Welcome everyone to the second MEW Quiz!!

This quiz is designed to see how well you know the world of gaming that we all love so much. The aim is to have fun, and see which questions you know or not.

And like last time, please don’t use Google during the quiz. This is more for fun, and it is much more fun if you try it without knowing the answers outright.

This time, the quiz is a bit shorter, with only 50 questions in 5 different categories. The categories are also a bit different as well.

So go and take the quiz and come share your scores. I honestly think this quiz is much easier than last time, so everyone have a much better chance of doing better.

Here is the link to the new quiz:


31/50. What a failure


27/50 A lot of guessing was involved.


100% guessed all the answers…



I got 35. I think I guessed a bit better than others?

Also lol waka waka


29/50 i passed :smiley:

1/10 for developer, and a lot of guess work since a bunch of games i did not play




So remember you can try the quiz out multiple time if you want.

Looking at the current data, I am very surprised that no-one has gotten the first question right yet. I’m almost cross…at you all. Also it must be an illusion…but no-one knows who made Hidden and Dangerous…


2K Czech I should have known that!


All I know of that game is what I read now on wikipedia.






The first question is kind of a tricky question:


In the horror-filled Half Life 2 level, We Don’t Go To Ravenholm, a guy gives you a weapon to use. What weapon does he give you?


Father Grigori gives you a SPAS12 Shotgun. You get the Gravity gun before you enter Ravenholm. Which is technically the correct answer.


You are correct sir. Apparently in creating the quiz, I selected the wrong answer as the correct one. My bad everyone. The correct answer is indeed the shotgun


Excellent. So I’ll get at least 1/50!


Guessed most of the time


Wow, quite a difficult yet fun quiz.

39/50 on my first try!





I got 35/50 on my first try. Lost points in the people behind the game section, and did very poorly on the studio section.

When I didn’t know the answer I sometimes picked the silly option, which I really shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t resist.

Cool quiz! :smiley:



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