The Official Beer* Thread

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So I know that there are some serious beer fans on this forum and I am sure there are a few craft beer aficionados around too.

So what is your regular mainstream choice of beer? What are some of your favourite craft beers? Have you ever brewed your own beer/ale?

Recently while we were down at the coast I found the Basset Brewery in Pennington and tried out some of their stock which I really enjoyed.

One of the best craft beers I’ve tasted was from Innis & Gunn which was bourbon infused and delicious.


I like me some beer.

My general beer of choice would be Stellenbrau Craven Lager. I do not know if that counts as as a craft or not. If not that, Castle Light or Budweiser.

I recently had some of that new hemp beer, Durban Poison. Also a lager and a damn good one. Dont know if i taste any hemp, but its just a nice beer. I cannot find it a lot but when I do, I am going to stock up as my regular beer.

On the craft side CBC is king in my books. I am not a big IPA fan, but everything else besides there IPA is just great for me. My other favourite was a beer called The Beast. I cannot for the life of me remember where it came from and I also cannot find it anymore.

Hope to get some nice recommendations here to try some new stuff. I have fallen into the things I like and have stopped testing other ones. At a certain point I just got mad because some of the beers are mad expensive and utter shite.

Just remembered the name. It was called Beast of The Deep from &Union

My kind of thread.

My personal beer of choice, if I know I’ve going to be having a couple is Windhoek lager as its relatively cheap and goes down like a homesick mole. I also usually pack in a few Devils Peak Lager and First Light as well.

I don’t normally consume craft in large quantities because that shit works out really expensive. Favorite brands though would be Devils Peak, Darling Brew and CBC - I thankfully live 15 minutes away from the CBC brewery so that helps. Also Berg River Brewery, one mans labor of love, has one of the best lagers I’ve tasted.

Import wise, nothing touches Warsteiner - but I haven’t seen it around much these days. Bitburger is pretty awesome as well.

I brewed two batches of beer myself - one tasted like dishwater, the other can only be described as ‘pleasant’.

I live by a simple principle: If you can see through it, you shouldn’t drink it.
Lager? Nope. White wine? Nope. Pee? Nope. Tastes the same anyway.

Castle’s Milk Stout is my regular go-to. Guinness is also okay.
I haven’t found a good porter in SA yet.

Always open to suggestions.

I’m not huge on porter but this one was really good

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(Disclamer, I do not share Tom T Hall’s view on the subject at hand)

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resurrects thread as mentioned by @DarthMol

If you guys haven’t tried it, I can really recommend Devil’s Peak Lager. I was surprised by how yummy it is.


I’ve had their craft beers, can’t think if I’ve tried their lager. Will check it out.


Used to work in the same building as their brewery. Suffice to say, those are blurry memories


It helps that we have a Devils Peak tasting room about 1km from my house :stuck_out_tongue:
But I don’t like their non alcohol ones, but my parents love them

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My father would disown me if I mentioned non alcoholic beer.


hahaha mine had no choice during the lockdown

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Deel met my! Ek wil proe hoe hul 0% biere proe… As hul nog 'n ander een as Hero het.


Hulle het net die Hero in citrus flavour . . . dont do it

Maar hulle het well amazing pizza en dis naby

Looks like a good excuse for a small road trip down the coast


Will keep this in mind next time I go down the south coast.

In stock I have two cases of Tafel and three cases of Castle Lite.

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