The Official Nintendo Switch Thread

This thread will help us pool together Switch related comments, thoughts, links, clips, reviews etc.

I have to say, Steamworld Dig 2 is absolutely fan-friggin-tastic. Metroidvania style game with tons of charm and character. Controls feel perfectly weighted and the map backtracking generally feels quite well done.

It starts off a little slow, but once you unlock the first few tools, it really starts to click. It’s a rare game that keeps getting better, without overstaying it’s welcome. Took me about 8 hours to finish the game, along with some decent additional exploration. but I could still dip back in for another few hours to get to 100%

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I again the week realized just how awesome the Switch is. I had to travel, and the Switch was just perfect to take into the plane. The plane was just 3 hours long, but the battery lasted me both on the go and coming back flight. Placed the screen on the tray table and removed the joycons, reclined the seat and just played the whole way there. Fastest a flight has ever felt.

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Did you get any odd looks from the ppl sitting next to you ?

Not really actually. Or rather not that I noticed. Only looks I propably got was looks of envy. Or I got quietly judged on my poor Mario skills.

I miss my switch. I hate this time of year. All I want to do is sit back and do some goddamn farming. Also @Hiro doenst want to shut up about SteamWorld Dig 2. So will probably have to buy that as well. Also cannot wait for Darkest Dungeon. This console is so magical.

Oh shit and Xenoblade 2 coming as well. Fuck my wallet.

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So you bought Farming Simulator 2017? How is it on the console?

It’s fantastic.

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No that game is for losers. Talking about Stardew Valley

Although I do want Farming Sim.

Oh…uh well I maybe wanted the game…:pensive:

Yay so I’m actually not alone!! :laughing:

You most certainly are not alone.

I tried Stardew Valley but found it a little too…boring. Plus the OCD will drive me nuts as I try to align various crop fields into perfectly symmetrical patterns

That’s the whole point of the game. you are boring. Stardew is a worldly treasure!

It works on tiles[quote=“Hiro, post:13, topic:65, full:true”]
I tried Stardew Valley but found it a little too…boring. Plus the OCD will drive me nuts as I try to align various crop fields into perfectly symmetrical patterns

It works on blocks/tiles, so it can only be symetrical.

But yeah, have it on Xbox and couldn’t be bothered by it.

I caved and bought Steam World Dig… But i have to say Zelda is probably the best game I have ever played…

Golf Story has been my biggest surprise on the system… I loved everything about the game…

Mario + Rabbids arrived today from eBucks store, December is going to be a good month…

BEST. GAME. EVER! Well, in my limited switch exposure anyways :slight_smile: Have yet to play Zaleda of Odyssey.

Got Mario Odyssey to play today. Loving it so far, which is kind of weird since I normally hate Mario. Also bought Stardew Valley but I only played like 20 minutes of it, will get back to it later. Lucky for me I know a guy that basically buys all the switch games physical and I can borrow them so I don’t have to buy anything. :smiley: He bought Doom and Skyrim today, after Mario I’ll get Doom from him.

Lucky fella

PSA: Do NOT buy Stardew Valley on Switch.

That is all.