The Official Nintendo Switch Thread



Coz its addictive, or coz its about as much fun as watching paint dry ?


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Reviews:

Opencritic: 85
Metacritic: 84

I am no fan of JRPG’s at all, but it’s the last big release for the Switch this year. And it seems that it is a fine addition to the collection


Because its better than steamworld dig 2 and will consume you.


haha, cool story bro. SWF2 is better than Mario Odyssey, so i doubt that SDV would beat it.


Reported as spam…you cannot write such blasphemous things like that about Mario Odyssey. :smirk:

Plus if you continue talking about SteamWorld Dig like this, I’ll have to buy it, and I don’t have the time/money to add ANOTHER game to my list. Please don’t give me FOMO…


dude, you REALLY need to get SWD2. its only 200 odd bucks right now. grab it before the price increase!


I beg to differ.


I must say im really enjoying SWD2, and i am so tempted to get Xenoblade…


You can differ all you want. But I cannot remember when the last time was I played a game from when I woke up until I went to bed. I did exactly that with Stardew Valley yesterday. I started at around 7:30 and stopped at about 23:30 with maybe less than an hour break in-between all day. No jokes.


It’s awesome when you find a game that can do that, it just wasn’t for me. I think I also had a warped idea or perception of what it was. For instance, I had no idea that all the relationship bollocks was optional.



I really want xenoblade.


I’m really tempted and want Xenoblade too. The world looks amazing, voice acting is superb and the music is sublime.


Yeah man. But I will rather save the money for a weekend away I’m December.


Odyssey is starting to grow on me. And it’s already impacting other games. I’m running around in Overlord and looking for secret areas that are not there






Fuck off beo. Goddamnit I don’t want to buy it.



Rumours going around of Dark Souls games coming to switch. Please let it be so. Praise the sun