The Official Nintendo Switch Thread



Anyone else download the Nine Parchments Demo? I only walked around for 2 minutes but it looks decent enough. It has co-op though, which is why I didn’t play it really.


I have downloaded it, haven’t tried it as yet.

Though I’m looking forward to this:




Bayonetta collection and Bayonetta 3 announced at the game awards this morning.

Oh yeah, and Zelda DLC is out and Link can get a motorcycle.


Nintendo has now sold more than 10m Switch consoles worldwide in just nine months.

It’s an impressive total, and one which will only rise higher as the Christmas sales season continues.

For comparison, Wii U sold just 13.56m in five years - although that figure shows how much of a flop the Switch’s predecessor was. The original Wii sold more than 100m - there’s still a long way to go for Switch to hit that.

But few could argue Nintendo Switch has had a stellar first year, thanks largely to a line-up which has contained first-party greats such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2.

Switch has also found a home as a great showcase for indie titles, such as Stardew Valley, Golf Story and Rocket League.

Looking to the future, 2018 will bring new Kirby and Yoshi games, Bayonetta 2… and just maybe, finally, that new Pokémon game.

Source: Eurogamer


I see they said they want to do 30 million next year. If they bring out pokemon, I believe they will.


Switch getting some love from devs/publishers. Some new games announced/leaked today: Watseland 2, Titan Quest and Payday 2.


This right here… A new Pokemon RPG and the console will skyrocket


I never wanted a Switch but everyone I know can’t stop talking about how awesome it is. And for some reason a lot of people that I know own a Switch.


One of us. One of us. One of us.


I hated my Wii. And I despised my Wii U. So I am as far from a Nintendo fan boi as you can get. But the switch is superb! Really, you need to get one Soli


I’ll first get a PS4 Pro before getting a Switch. The Sony exclusives appeal to me more.


I wish Capcom would bring Dead Rising to switch. I don’t care which one(s) I just wanna slay Zombies on the go.


Wolfenstein 2 being converted to Switch by the talented Doom port team

The Nintendo Switch port of Doom was remarkable (although not perfect) and the good news this morning is the team responsible for it, Panic Button, appears to be handling the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Switch conversion as well.

“It’s the same as the Doom studio,” MachineGames’ Tommy Tordsson Bjork told GameReactor at the Fun & Serious conference in Spain. “It’s the same people,” added MachineGames’ Andreas Öjerfors.

Öjerfors went on: “They’re experts at the Switch and now they’re experts with the [id Tech 6] engine so we work with them, and the Doom version turned out to be really kickass on the Switch so I think Wolf will be the same.”

Bethesda had no comment when contacted this morning. Wolfenstein 2, however, has already been announced for Switch for release in 2018, and it makes sense to collaborate with Panic Button again.

Digital Foundry analysed the Switch port of Doom and called it “equally impressive and subpar at the same time”. Frame-rate drops were the main offender. How Panic Button will handle a more technically demanding game in Wolfenstein 2 remains to be seen.

Source: Eurogamer


Well then, this is interesting. I would not have expected Nintendo to do something like this. So it basically is a bunch of cardboard cut-out things you can build, and the joycons make them actually work. It’s incredible tech if it works as advertised. Plus this is going to make a killer childrens toy.


have to say, I’m not a fan of gimmicks like this. I really don’t see the appeal of carboard toys.


People dont really see the appeal of being friends with you… But they still do it Hiro… They still do it…


For those with Super Mario Odyssey, the first DLC is available and free.


I keep thinking about buying Darkest Dungeon…but then remember that I already own it on PC and PS. There really should be some some of reward or discount for those who triple dip. Its also coming out on Xbone, so potential for a QUADRUPLE DIP!