The Official Nintendo Switch Thread



Im also looking at Darkest Dungeon… But i have a lot to get through… Really enjoying Mario Odyssey though…


Apparently the touchscreen aspect of it is fantastic.


Dont know if i will bother with this update. Hunting balloons are not my thing.


It was a good game, for sure. but not a “great” game.


You’re opinion is not a valid one


dammit, i had just made up my mind to not get it. but heading to the out-laws this weekend and tempted to get it to keep me occupied…


I think it could easily lean towards great… Im seriously enjoying it… But @Talentloos is correct, after the Zelda debacle of 2017 your opinion may carry no weight here…


Lots of new games announced coming to the Switch last night in the Nintendo Direct.

Some of them are:

South Park: Fractured But Whole
Super Smash Bros.
Okami HD
Oktopath Traveler
Crash Bandicoot
Mario Tennis Ace
Captain Toad
Dark Souls
Kirby Star Allies
and many more…


I am so glad I bought this console. It’s giving me so much joy and the games just keep on coming. I fucking love it.


Dude! Im so excited for Mario Aces! That game looks insane!

Cant believe Crash Bandicoot is coming to Switch… So glad it is though!

June/July is going to be expensive for me…


I’m rather excited for Mark of the Ninja Remastered. Really enjoyed the game. Played on PC and console (can’t recall if Xbox or PS). Would happily buy this again, as I’m rather partial to KLEI games.


For those of you with the Switch Pro Controller, Steam now supports the controller on its platform.


So…my Switch hs been gathering dust for a while :frowning: Don’t know why, but can’t seem to get motivated to play anything on it. When I was busy with Steamworld Dig 2, i would skip playing on the PS or Xbone and want to play on Switch. But i’m now stuck on PS4 again.

I am waiting for Hollow Knight and Dead Cells to hit, as they scratch my particular itch


Nintendo finally broke the silence on the planned Nintendo Switch Online service.We will finally be able to back up our saves to the cloud as well as download classic NES games. These NES games will also support online play, which is a really great feature. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that their plans include native online voice chat and we would likely have to rely on the mobile app for this, which is really not ideal.

Pricing structure also seems really fair considering what you get for your money: 1 month will be R52, 3 months R105 and 12 months R262. However, these prices are listed as “individual membership” so you will likely require a subscription for each profile on your console. There is a family membership available which goes for R459 for 12 months and will cover up to 8 Nintendo Accounts.


Cant wait for the classic games on the Switch, Multiplayer Balloon fight with @Talentloos is going to be AMAZING!


fuck yes tom!


If you lot find a comp to win a switch please shout. I don’t want to wait for hammer to visit so that I “borrow” his switch…


Same here. With the baby around the corner it will be very handy being able to game in bed next to the wife and little one!


So, quite a few interesting SWITCH developments. Hollow Knight has launched at last. Huzzah for another Metroidvania game :heart:

I also grabbed Fallout Shelter last night, but still not sure this will be better than playing on the phone. But its free, so why not.

Bought Hexologic as well, coz i love Sudoku/puzzle games and this seemed cool, although i have not yet had a chance to try it out.

Finally, Fortnite. I downloaded this…and then deleted it. The fact that I would have to create another EPIC account has just put me off. I already have 2 accounts, one for XBONE and another for PS4. This is just daft. The game is screaming out for single account cross-play!


Shut up Hiro no one cares what you think…

Also… OCTOPATH TRAVELLER IS COMING!!! New Demo drops tomorrow…

The Nintendo E3 was a bit underwhelming if im honest… I dont know what i expected, but i didnt get it…