The Official Nintendo Switch Thread



So in my sick leave I downloaded Fortnite as well. Logged in and played a few rounds. It’s really fun and runs super well on the Switch. Placed in the top 10 first round with 4 kills. But I am enjoying it.


shut up Timmy, nobody cares about that JRPG crap :stuck_out_tongue:


…I care :sob:


i see the save carries over to the full game. So i wonder if the demo will be the start of the game? If that’s the case I will play it. I hate demos in a jrpg where they drop you in the middle of something and you don’t know what the fuck is going on.


The Demo is definitely the start, I loved the old Demo, cant wait to see the new one!

The Saves carrying over are also awesome! Dont feel like you waste time on the demo… Iv played the first demo for about 5-6 hours already… I literally did everything you could do…

Hope the new demo is more characters… looking forward to playing as the Huntress…

That demo for Lost Sphere was one where they drop you in at like lvl 40… I played it till it was done then deleted it… Also cant stand it when they throw you in at an OP lvl and expect you to figure out hoe you got there…


I am one of the few people that have zero interest in Octopath. I tried the initial demo but couldn’t do more than 10 minutes, it just was not my type of game. I am not a fan of JRPG and this game won’t change that. If they announce Persona for Switch that would be a different story.

Wasteland 2 and Dragonball FIghterZ on Switch both look very promising though. I still want Dragonball Xenoverse 2 on Switch, but Switch games are so damn expensive.


Double Fine have confirmed Grim Fandango and Broken Age for Nintendo Switch:


Has any of our resident switch owners played Zelda on Master Mode? I started it after finishing all 120 shrines a while back but didn’t really pay much attention to it. Started again yesterday and now I’m hooked on Zelda again, but boy is this mode tough. All the low level enemies are replaced with higher tier versions across the board. I basically cannot survive any combat encounter. My saving grace at this moment is owning the DLC and having access to Majora’s Mask. Most enemies do not attack you when you wear, not all though, but it helps a lot. I can (mostly) safely explore the world looking for koroks to upgrade my inventory. (Any) combat shrine is a no go at this point, they all wreck me pretty quickly. I have no idea how I am going to take on the divine beasts, will probably have to get a whole lot of hearts first. Still it’s a nice challenge, just super hard.


Ok so Darkest Dungeon is incredible… What a brilliant game… I started it this weekend, and im sold… I have yet to find it as difficult as people have told me it is, but im sure im right around the corner from an ass whooping…

I love the style the game adopts and the voice acting is amazing… The turn based combat system is also fantastic, and very easy to come to grips with. Havent had any of my guys die yet, but the “deaths door” mechanic is brilliant.

Also downloaded Fortnite to see what all the fuss is about, havent played a game though…


So has anybody here picked up Civ VI ? How are the controls ?


I see there might an AC collection headed to switch. No indication of which games it includes but definitely something I’d be interested in. Would be fun to play the older titles in handheld mode,




The great ports just keep coming. This I really want, probably my favourite game in the franchise.


Pity that they are now screwing us over on the pricing front :frowning:


It’s a shame about the pricing, but the physical releases of games seems to still be the same price. So might need to resort to cartridges for the bigger games. Like Super Mario U, which I’m seriously thinking about getting.


Physical games have always been more expensive than digital. The prices seem to be pretty much equal between the two now.


And another port I wouldn’t mind having:


Now that I’m getting a Switch, what games would you recommend?

I’m getting Octopath traveler with mine.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Bayonetta 1&2
Mario Kart


I found Golf Story to be pretty great