The Official PlayStation Thread

We have one for all the other consoles, why not the PS as well. Share your PS4 and PS4 Pro and PS4 VR related questions, post new specials, or discussions about the platform.

A few weeks ago I got a PS4 Pro. For the first time in about 15 years I actually owned a PlayStation console again. At the moment I’ve been buying some of the exclusives I missed, like GT Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn, Infamous Second Son and Uncharted 2. And, just so you all know, Shadow of the Colossus remake will launch next year on my birthday (wink wink)

I honestly think if I had more time to game, I would buy a PS4 Pro.
As it is though, I struggle to just manage games on my PC. The last time I played a game on my X1 was when I was playing DS3, and that was months ago.

Digital Flash Sale on PSN. Some very good deals on selected indie titles. I’m rather tempted in getting Abzu and Firewatch. Both together will be a shade under R200.

Can’t go wrong with that, great games.

how are you finding Horizon Zero Dawn? I loved that game.

I wish I could tell you, but I haven’t played it yet. The installation is like 50GB and I don’t have the cap to download it now. :cry:

Aah that kind of sucks. I hope you get to it shortly. Drive to a buddies house and let them download it for you.

@Hiro ?? @Tom ??

I’m looking to get it again.

You welcome to come past my place and abuse my fiber if u keen?

Thanks dude. I’ll let you know when then. Between my moving this week things are a bit hectic. Maybe I’ll just come and drop off the PS and let you do your thing.

Also fine with me :wink:

So I’ll be joining the PS club soon. Bought a PS4 Pro + GT Sport bundle, plus Bloodborne GOTY, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition & The Last of Us Remastered.

Hope I get them before the end of the week!


A bit late to the discussion, I know, but you do know that I stay closer to you than both of them and I have uncapped 50Mbps fiber internet?

Anyway, the current 2 for R469 sale landed me:

  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • The Last Guardian
  • Prey 2016
  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

I played a bit of AC Syndicate and TLoU last night and both are surprisingly good! Especially AC Syndicate, seeing as I haven’t touched an AC game since Black Flag… After the emotional opening of TLoU I decided to call it a night.

Lol that is very true. And luckily over the weekend I got my 50Mbps fibre as well, and I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE, but I ALSO bought The Last Of Us Remastered and The Last Guardian in the 2 for R469 sale. Great mind do indeed think alike it seems!!! :heart_eyes:

^5 good sir!

Our 13 year old niece is visiting us for the school holidays, so I booted up the PS4 for her and she’s been gliding around Gotham City in Batman Arkham Knight and started playing The Last Guardian. I caught a glimpse of the game every so often whilst working and it does look great. I can’t wait to get sucked into it! I might have to postpone it a bit though, as I started both AC Syndicate and TLoU and both seem exceedingly good.

Shadow of the Colossus is launching an HD Remake version next week, which happens to coincide with one of the most important dates in all of mankind’s history, my birthday.

The game is scoring really high on reviews, and it’s absolutely on my list of games to hopefully finally get to play now that I have a PlayStation 4

Scores currently are:
OpenCritic - 93
Metacritic - 93

Looks like Burnout Paradise Remastered is all but confirmed for release 16 March

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How are you enjoying the ps4 hammer?