The Official PlayStation Thread



Honestly, I’ve been neglecting it a bit. At the moment I don’t get enough time to spend on the PS4. I want Shadow of the Colossus though, and am looking at starting playing that sometime next week (hopefully)


That happens man. My ps4 was off from October till like Jan


Urgh ja it sucks. There are still a bunch of awesome games I want to play and finish on it, but time is not on my side.


Looks like this post was legit. The game has now been officially been confirmed for all platforms


Playing Sonic Forces. So much fun!


seriously? I heard it was terrible… Im loving Sonic Mania on the switch


Free games for Playstation Plus for April 2018


Expect an update on your PS4.

Firmware v5.53 is out now fixing certain stability issues.


Love these guys.



Anyone got any advice for couch co-op games on the PS4?


Anyone staying up for God of war unlock at 12am?


The first ones that come to mind:

Lovers in a dangerous spacetime


Overcooked is what first comes to mind. Creates quite stressful situations.


Do not play overcooked with someone you love aka girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband.


Try Trakmania Turbo


Oh yes, and it’s free on PS Plus


Whose playing God of War?


I still have to wait till after work. But soon.


Thanks for all the replies guys, got Alienation last night (Thanks @murfle ), will get the others over the next few months.