The Official PlayStation Thread



Claim Trackmania while it’s still free. You don’t have to download it, just have it in your library for when you want.


My latest addition. Works like a charm.


That doesn’t look like the legit one, is it a “no name brand” ?


Nope it’s legit :grinning:


Those are Awesome… I often find because i dont have much time to play that my controllers go flat just from sitting there gathering dust…


460 meg PS4 update just happened. Don’t plan any playdates just yet


thanks for the heads up, Any idea what the update adds?


The usual ‘stability updates’


What you mean no Bug Fixes!!! :rofl:


Well, September’s PS Plus games seem quite good! Destiny 2 and God of War 3: Remastered are great additions to my library… Especially seeing as I’m only spending time on the console these days.


I’ve been kinda curious how Destiny (either game) is/was… Sucking up all our bandwidth downloading it now. 61GB, eish.


It’s brilliant! I own it on PC and have sunk a good 100+ hours into it already. I don’t mind owning it on PS4 as well and will likely start a new character. Have a Hunter on PC and will probably start a Titan on PS4. Now I’m just waiting for a good price on the DLC on PS4, as I have the DLC (sans The Forsaken which is launching soon) on PC and it adds quite a bit of longevity to the game…

I’m also curious about God of War 3, as I haven’t played any of the games before.


I usually like doing research before making a character, but I’m just gonna jump in.

Also glad to have GoW 3. I sold off my PS3 version since I never use that console anymore, so this worked out quite well.

Gonna have to finish it by December though, I don’t think I can afford to renew my PS+ sub this year…


I got the 14 day trial of PS+ almost 2 weeks ago for the first time ever in order to play Elder Scrolls Online. For now it’s gonna renew for the month-to-month option until I can grab a special on the yearly sub, which seems to happen every so often. I just don’t understand why the 3 month sub is more expensive than paying for the 3 months individually?


Hopefully the next sale comes out before you get more 1-months than the savings will be worth…

But ya, I might have to do month-by-month for awhile, I’m sure I can fit that into the budget. Depends on a lot of things…

Edit: Looks like I’m good until February. I guess I had gotten the 12+3 month deal last time around.


Digging up an old thread, but anyway.

PlayStation flash sale.


There’re a few I’m eyeing




Black Friday, broke Monday, now this :grin:


Until when is the flash sale on? I didn’t know Hollow Knight finally launched for PS4 and it’s VERY tempting at 36% off! There are some good prices on other games as well…


Till the end of the month looks like it


I picked up arkham knight in the xbox black friday deals, it appears to have a crapload of DLC