The Official PlayStation Thread



So got stardew valley… so far :grin:


Out of interest, how many of us on here have Gran Turismo Sport? Or another racing type game? I’m thinking of leagues again.



I can’t justify buying it again. I have it on PC and got my 40 odd hours enjoyment out of it. I’ve tried numerous times to get back into the game, but just can’t.

I have Hollow Knight and Battlefield 1 + Titanfall 2 Ultimate Bundle in my cart, for a total of R380 odd. I’m waiting for the special fever to die down so I can decide if I really want to buy more games that I’ll most probably not end up playing… If I still feel like buying them by Friday, I’ll pull the trigger and check out the cart.


Still just Driveclub here… I’d certainly be down for more laps though :slight_smile:


I have GT Sport. You may want to also consider a multi platform game like Project Cars or F1 for extra participants


If you still have PS+ you’ll have a new racing game by 4 December…


I have GT Sport. Haven’t played it in a long time so will need to get back into the swing of things. I’ve been playing so many racing games on Xbox with the wheel I got that it will be rather strange to play one with a controller again. But I’m down for some league stuff.


I did think of project cars also maybe. Otherwise I can just dust off the Driveclub scene again? If more would be keen for that?


Arrrr. There are too many specials!


So I pulled the trigger. Hollow Knight is busy downloading. I think a fresh start on the big screen is needed for the game, seeing as I rage quit the game back then on PC and didn’t touch it since. Also looking forward to some Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1!


Enjoy them. I know I enjoyed Battlefield 1


Thanks! The bundle was too good to pass up. Besides, I haven’t really touched a Battlefield game since 3. I briefly played 4 and dropped it after about 5 or so hours. I heard good things of Battlefield 1, so I hope it lives up to the hype.


mmm, you make me want to download it again and give it a redo.


Free games are out


Second round of Christmas deals are out…


There a few nice deals on there. GoW, Detroit and FC5 :+1:


Yup, 2 guys in our office just bought GoW, and I’m eyeing that Detroit


Dag nabbit!

GoW AND Shadow of the Tomb raider… I hate being broke :frowning:



New deals. Some good ones again