The right way to cut a toast


We’ve had how you write an ‘X’ not lets find out what is the correct way to cut a toast.

I’m happy with both 1 and 3

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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What kind of animal cuts it like Number 3?


You don’t cut toast


Any way you dam well please.


I do option 2 if I make a sammich, either closed or open. If it’s just a slice with a spread, it’s 1.


Option 1 if its just toast with marmite

Option 4 the X aka triangles, for when I make grilled cheese


Any other way is just wrong


Option 1 if it is for a snackwich while option 2 I suppose is acceptable if you’re packing lunch for later. Most of the time though, I simply don’t cut it. That said, I’m eating only healthy breads these days so they are slightly smaller than the normal breads.


You’re going into sandwich territory, we’re talking about a humble slice of toast.

I honestly believe that the rules for cutting sandwiches (as in two slices of bread with a filling of sorts) differ from a single piece of bread.

Side note, the “open sandwich” is not a sandwich, because it requires utensils and fail to sandwich anything.


Definitely nr 1 or 2. I would also like to know what savage cuts their toast like number 3!


gotta agree with @TechThief. You don’t cut a single piece of toast. that just makes a mess of crumbs everywhere for no reason other than you clearly have time and energy to waste :smiley:


Can’t dip an uncut slice of toast in my soup


You get people who make marmite and cheese toasted sandwiches and dip it in tea or coffee, letting a cheesy, salty, crumby mush form at the base of the mug or cup, after which they eat it with a teaspoon. It sounds exactly as gross as I described there. I know a person who does just that…


The problem there is that marmite was used. Yuck!


yes, clearly they should have used Bovril


Not Vegemite?


Oh dear gawd you need to be slapped - marmite ftw


See, I can’t even dunk rusks in coffee and finish the cup of coffee. I always leave the last bit of coffee in the mug and take the last sips very cautiously. The moment I feel a crumb touching my lips, I know that’s it and rinse out the rest.


Same, which is why I dont eat rusks and dont dunk cookies


But its fun to dunk and pull out just before it splats.

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