The right way to cut a toast



Yes this is a complete sentence


If you want there to be two, have two slices of toast. It’s not a sandwich.


How do you dip a slice of toast in this?


You don’t. . . .


You guys aren’t gona like this but toast fingers.



i like to dunk whatever(meaning i will dunk any sandwhich-no-matter-the-filling/rusk/chocolate/cookie etc) im eating in my coffee and hence why even if i dont eat anything with my coffee i never finish the last bit (well that and we were forced to drink moer coffee growing up)


“Forced” to dink moer koffie sounds wrong. It’s always a choice to drink it, and it’s always the correct choice. Anything else is wrong.


Any coffee that’s not freeze dried or spray dried and contains no chicory is an acceptable hot beverage


nope the filtered kind of coffee, just nope hey. Espresso coffee on the other hand is great




I drink espresso and if i cant get i drink instant… but i dont touch filtered coffee, cause of the floaty bits it always has


Someone’s making your coffee wrong. There isn’t supposed to be any ground residue in your coffee. You’re not supposed to place your mug under the drip filter of the machine either… Closest you can get to “floaty bits” is if someone makes you coffee in a french press, but even then they’re probably not doing a good job. Filtered coffee made in a decent machine and reheated on a stove-top kettle is absolutely divine! Silky smooth, packing just the right caffeine punch.


Cold pressed coffee in summer is my new fav. It just kicks you in the teeth


Had a coffee frappe earlier and it was amazing!


Toast is eaten whole, and coffee=life


You have pineapple on pizza don’t you?


Only certain pizzas


I can’t drink coffee anymore :frowning:

Pineaple on pizza is delicious

Since toast is not made into a sandwhich there is no reason to cut it, and can simply be eaten with some butter right after taking it out of the toaster


Are you not allowed to eat it? There can’t be a good reason for not drinking coffee…