The right way to cut a toast


Bit difficult to explain, but basically it like increases the frequency of my anxiety symptoms to appear, like a few minutes after I have drank coffee I start gagging, even with my medicine.


I’m with you on all of these points.

I can’t drink coffee since standard 7 when it started making me nauseous. I can’t even eat a sweet, cake or muffin with a slight coffee flavour.

Pineapple on pizza is a requirement for any slice of pizza that enters my mouth. I usually rate how good a pizza is based on the amount of pineapple on it.

Think I’ve already addressed the toast issue.


Hmmm… I’m seeing a pattern


I tend to not sweat the small stuff but how I usually eat toast is, after applying the desired spread I grate it into a bowl then eat with a spoon.

Sometimes I’ll add milk and coffee if Im in a rush.


You need to add pineapple to that


I had a pineapple pizza last night - ironically its called a three meat one - ham, bacon and salami and then I add pineapple - this time they added ALL the pineapple - it was amazing


Hawaiian pizza is the best pizza. 5/7 perfection. Factual objective truth.


Can’t be the best as there is no form of Italian sausage on it.

Salami/pepperoni, parmesan, mozzarella, peppers and tomatoes. Now that’s a pizza.


We should create a pizza thread to settle this debate :slight_smile:


Why bother?