The VR Thread

I don’t see a VR thread. So I’m creating one and seeing if it will take off.
So I’ve always been interested in the idea of VR, and when the Oculus and the Vive dropped, and didn’t flop, I was even more excited.
So, I still don’t have a VR Headset(too expensive for me still, and that’s the issue for most people I believe), however a friend of mine has a Vive and I’ve spent a lot of time at his place playing various games.

I’ve recently been looking at the Mixed Reality headsets and I think I am finally going to get myself one at the end of this month. I can get the Lenovo Explorer off Amazon for about R4200 including shipping and taxes which isn’t a bad price at all.

So who has which headset and what do you guys play?
Some games I have played on my friends Vive includes, H3VR, SuperHot VR, ZomDay, Gorn and Sprint Vector. He has a bunch of others but I’ll remember them as I go.

Say what now? You probably mean VR thread :smiley:

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I personally do not vape no

Resident Evil on VR had me wanting to get a PS4, would love to try before I buy though

ROFL! The fail is real. Thanks Wyvern.

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This was the great thing about my friend getting one haha. Being able to test as much as I want, and I like it a lot, well, VR, not Resident Evil, haven’t tried that.

As a kid I always wanted a VR headset that I saw on a movie blank cheque to play quake with

I’m lucky to have an Oculus Rift. The first time I used it and went through the demo scenes I was blown away. I loved it until something bad happened.

I played Dirt Rally and felt so sick that I can’t explain it. I thought it was a once off thing and I tried it again. I felt sick for a day and the next day too. It was so bad that I couldn’t put on the Rift without starting to feel ill.

Time passed and that has gone away. I play Elite Dangerous now with the Rift and it’s amazing.


VR in its current form has a lot of problems. And I don’t have time to write about them now. I do have an article at home that explains it well and will post it here tonight.


I couldn’t find the article last night. Will have to take the time sometime to just write it down. :slight_smile:

Haha no problem.
Meanwhile, the Lenovo Explorer is $199 on the Microsoft store, which is an absolute steal. Unfortunately it’s US only, however a friend of mine has an Aramex Global Shopper account and I’m going to use that to get it :smiley:

Do the Mixed Reality headsets work with Steam and such?

Yeah they do. There is support for Mixed Reality in Steam, and even the ones that aren’t supported seems to work fine.
And like the vive, there is an application called ReVive that let’s you play Rift games, this works for Mixed Reality as well.
Plus the developer of the app said he is building new a new app from the group up for Mixed Reality, called ReMixed(gotta love this dude’s naming haha)

Some bad news however, it seems like I cannot buy from the US microsoft store with my South African account/credit card. I’m going to ask my friend from Chicago if he is willing to help me.


You can also make use of Scott’s Shipping Services. I’ve made use of him before. He is very good.

Thanks, tried them now. And the full total comes to R4070. A bit much considering that the same item that costs $269 only comes to R4384 on Amazon including everything. But still cheaper I guess.

Does anyone have the play-station VR?

Boom, just made that happen. Thanks man, hope it arrives soon :smiley: I’m excite.

Nice, I hope it brings you lots of joy!

The greatest VR game for me is Elite Dangerous. There’s just nothing quite like it.

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So that just happened. Sale ends on the 23rd if I’m correct.

The timing of all these events, pretty sure it’s all planned :laughing:
Ready Player One movie comes out
Lenovo Explorer goes on sale for $199
Steam launches a VR Spring Sale.

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Is that with the controllers too? :neutral_face:

This seems so damn tempting.

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Yep controllers included.

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