The VR Thread


It’s this one right?

Any idea of how long delivery will take?


Yeah that is the one. Scott said it will take between 10 - 21 days. I’m waiting on the next update at the moment, he said that will be when the item reaches their couriers.


My current list of items in the cart. Think I’ll stop here, otherwise I’ll be super poor real soon.


I’m still thinking about it. :persevere:


Haha that’s how I felt the week leading up to my purchase. However I was looking at the one on Amazon and settled that I’ll wait untill month end. Then my friend dropped the news about the $199 one and I caved XD


I wonder how long it’s going to be that price.


Yeah I was wondering as well. Well, if it does go back to normal by the time that you are ready, the same unit it on Amazon for $269 and it comes to only R4368 or thereabout, shipping and customs included. That’s why I said going through this guy seems a bit expensive, but yeah, could not get it any other way off the MS store.


Just checked this morning, still on sale, but price went up by $100 and it’s out of stock. But like I said, you can still get it on amazon for a decent price. Mine is currently at the international depot and waiting for a flight to SA. Much excite.


OMG! Scott Shipping Services for the MF WIN!
Just received my order! The funds cleared on Tuesday eve/Wednesday morning and it got here in a week and a day! So amped! Long weekend MADE!


So how is it?


Pretty good. I don’t feel that it’s a lesser device than the Vive. The Vive’s controllers just feels better.
My friend who had a big issue with screen door effect, tested my explorer today and said it’s much less on the explorer.
I’m enjoying it so far, just need to set up my room better. My zone is a bit small because of the shorter cable and the location of my PC. There is a windows update dropping on Monday that will fix some of the tracking issues people are seeing.
The only issue that annoys me sometimes, is the SteamVR bugging out every now and then, but the Vive has the same issue. Oh, and I already broke the clip that the cable runs through :confused: thats a crappy design. But a cable tie sorted it out, just looks bad now.


So would you say it was worth it?


I would need some more time with it. However, judging from my enjoyment with my friend’s Vive and how well this compares, I would say it was indeed.


This game launched into early access today and it looks really fun. All the reviews so far are really positive too.

If I ever get a headset, it will probably be one the first games I get.


Looks cool


@Solitude, you are mandated to test this for us :smiley:


I may just do that. I’m not really supposed to buy new games but this one is on my wishlist and um other people want me to buy it.


Yeah my friend got it, he said it’s really great. It’s on my wishlist as well, but I’ll hang on a little bit while I replenish my cash reserves, especially since there is only 6 songs for now.
@Solitude that seems logical and makes good sense :stuck_out_tongue:


My friend has clearly been playing too much, Beat Saber, Escape, expert, 100% combo.


Finally bought SuperHot VR last night. Got it for a good price off GreenMan Gaming.