The VR Thread


Have you played it? I had it on pc and just played it with a mouse and keyboard. No VR. But I can’t imagine how good it must be. The fact that time moves if you move your head. And there was also that freaky part where they were ‘watching’ you. Or rather you were watching yourself. Also where they kick you out the ‘system’ but actually kick you out the game, for real. Very groundbreaking game


Only ever played it in VR at my friends house on his Vive, and I think there I only got 1/3 or even 1/4 of the way in. It’s pretty damn awesome in VR, anyone that ever recommends VR games to someone will always have SuperHot in their list.


Oh and the Lenovo explorer is back on that $199 sale on the Microsoft sale. If you order via Scott Shipping Services it should come at about R4040 (at least that’s what I paid a month ago) which is only R400 cheaper if you order it over Amazon, but my unit got here within a week, so I rate you are paying for the awesome shipping.


Reviving this thread since I will hopefully be getting my headset in the next few weeks (Just got the notification that it has been shipped). What games / experiences do you guys that already have VR enjoy the most?

I think I will probably enjoy slower paced stuff like puzzle or exploration games the most, but I’m definitely getting Beat Saber.


Arizona Sunshine is my personal favorite, if you like zombie shooters

And QuiVr


If you like Puzzle games(and hopefully haven’t played this yet) then I heard that Talos Principle is good. It’s on my wishlist, I’ll get to it at some point lol. Also Virtual Virtual Reality might also be up your alley.
I enjoyed SuperHot VR quite a bit, same for Sairento eventhough I haven’t put in alot of hours yet.


My Shipping status is currently “Completed customs clearance process” in Johannesburg, South Africa. I hope this means I’ll get it much sooner than what they said (December 13). If I can get it next week that would be amazing.

My Steam wishlist is already full of games, but I’m going to try all the free stuff and existing stuff I already own first to see what I’m comfortable with before I get more during the winter sale.


Epic stuff. You can also try heaps of Demos. One I can definitely recommend is Compound. I still haven’t bought it but I will soon. Demo was fun.


That looks pretty neat, I’ll give it a try.




Wow that was so quick!! Congrats, and we need pics!!


Yeah if it does come today that’s 9 days earlier than expected.

Weirdly this is what it shows on Amazon itself




Congrats @MetalSoup!


Enjoy it. Keep us updated how it goes


Enjoy @MetalSoup


Whoop epic stuff. First things first. Those batteries won’t last a day so have spares or good rechargeables ready. Also Ghostbusters VR free download, nice. I got zilch with my Explorer haha.


An beware of the dreaded VR shoulder…but it’s nothing some deep heat won’t fix


So far I’m loving it. Got Beat Saber and it’s awesome, even though I’m absolutely terrible at it. Also really like some of the Lab things but they’re way too short. Just played Heart of The Emberstone: Coliseum and I love it too, will definitely be getting the actual games during the next Steam sale. My biggest dissappointment right now is that I don’t have as much space as I would like, but I hope to fix that in the future.

Yeah I already got a 18 pack today, will see how it goes if I rather want to go rechargeable.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I can claim it, either their site is broken or something. Promotion was only until October though, so that might be it. I’m not too bothered by it though.


Wow that came through quickly! Props to Amazon