The VR Thread


Yes I’m really impressed, I will definitely use them again for hard to find or overpriced hardware.


How’s the viewing experience? Is it heavy? Does it cover everywhere? As in can you see through any gaps that it doesn’t make full contact with your face with? And the focusing of the image? Can you adjust it?


I don’t find it heavy at all, but it does hurt my face a bit. It feels like the bit where the hinge is presses quite hard into your forehead. It might just be that I’m not fitting it correctly.

I find the focus is fine in the middle, it gets blurrier towards the sides, but as long as I can keep it at the right height everything looks okay, I haven’t found any text I couldn’t read. The only adjustment is tightness of the headstrap. It also fits well with my glasses on.

I haven’t noticed any gaps, kind of wish I did so I could see where I was going :smiley:

Having said all that, keep in mind that this is the first time I’ve ever experienced proper VR at all. The only thing I had previously was Gear VR which wasn’t all that great, so while this may be amazing to me, other people might not think it’s that good.


Yep I know the feeling man. Just moved into a new place and hopefully the room I’m gonna steal and make my own cave will be big enough.

Yeah I saw afterwards it got Mixed reviews so meh.

Lol, well 1809 has a flashlight mode which is nice. But I know the feeling when you’re in the game and find a nice cupboard to hit. Happened to me in Racket NX


Has anyone tried Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice in VR yet? It’s pretty amazing. Does give me a bit of motion sickness, but it’s still pretty neat, almost feels like she’s right in front of you, and the way they transition during cinematics is really well implemented.


Just quickly tried some Oculus stuff. Everything seems to be working, except pointing, and no amount of Googling has helped me figure out how to emulate that. It’s like nobody even knows Oculus Rift supports pointing, and yet it’s in the tutorial and in the first game I tried (First Contact)


It’s on my Wishlist, was going to buy it on the last sale but was so busy that I forgot. Moss also has a different way of playing a VR game than the norm. Similar to hellblade but also not really.


I have Moss on my wishlist too, looks very cute.


So here’s the first game that nearly made me break a remote.

And the second

Both are really fun and I’ll consider getting the full versions.


Hahaha Racket FTW, I stopped playing the game because I kept moering the cupboard. So like I said, hopefully my new space is better equipped. Gorn does very well to make you feel like you are really there despite the cartoon graphics. I think it’s because it’s so well optimised.


For some strange reason I find one of the things I find most fascinating in VR is small scale stuff. I think it’s because when I was younger I was really into scale models of things, like trains and so on.

I could spend hours looking at the little paper people in the drawer in The Lab’s robot repair demo, and I really like Eklan Tor’s little town. Google Earth VR is really cool for this too, because almost everything looks like high detail paper mache models.


When you mentioned the paper people, I just thought of another game I saw pop up recently and I think I added it to my Wishlist. Tin Hearts, it’s a VR lemmings type game. Looks just as polished as Moss. I saw it on BenPlaysVR’s 2 minute review.


I’ve been binge watching Ben Plays VR since I placed my order. :smiley:

I really like this guy’s videos too very funny, though he doesn’t have that many VR ones.


This could have a lot of potential:


Dude, this guy is the BEST! I’ve watched all his insert game VR is a Nightmare videos. Love it! Recently watched a non VR one for the first time(Fallout76). Still love it haha.


I just played the demo for this, it’s really really well made.


Yeah I played it during a free weekend. The only problem I have is that I keep trying to put my hands on a table :rofl:


Found a solution for this problem:


Lol but what about my poor hands


Sorry, just dawned on me that you were moering the cupboard with your hands. :man_facepalming:t2:

As penance I will spend the rest of my weekend researching possible solutions for this problem instead.

(Not. You’re on your own here buddy. Try playing in boxing gloves maybe :joy: )