The VR Thread


less cupboards is the easy solution


My one friend literally took out one of his cupboards :joy: I think it was more the fact that it was old. But it counts, coz it was legit in the way.


Just launched into Early Access. Only R130 for us, not bad for something that looks like it has a lot of potential.


I have been playing some Doom VFR. It’s probably not the best VR game, but it’s not terrible either. It’s certainly one of the best looking games I have played so far, and it has this really cool bit where you can look at all the demons in their full glory without being attacked, and it’s just jaw dropping. The Cyber Demon is like whoa. Looking up at something that’s probably about 3 times taller than you, and with so much attention to detail, it’s just crazy.


I’ve always wanted to know especially with Doom VFR, how do they overcome the issue of movement? With VR you can’t just sprint across the room and strafe shoot all the demons, so how do they overcome this issue?

I’ve always been of the opinion that VR’s biggest issue is that kind of movement, especially in FPS games. But my mind is open and ready to be changed


Something for when you’re ready to upgrade:


Doom VFR supports both teleportation and free movement using the controller. The teleporting is most comfortable for me but I don’t mind using the free movement for fine tuning my position, I’m just not used to using it all the time yet.

Also instead of glory kills you teleport into the weakened enemies, which works very well.

Edit: Here’s a video that shows it off well.


There are multiple ways of movement that are used.
1stly, The most common and easiest is obviously teleporting, which kills a bit of immersion. But some games apply it in a good way. Like Sairento for example.
2nd one is using the touch pad on the controllers like a DPad, this one can cause a bit of jelly legs at first but once you get used to it it’s not too bad.
3rd way is the one I like most, I’ve seen H3VR use this very well, pressing down on the touchpad and swinging your arms. Feels a lot more natural. However this can also cause some chaos for trying to move while shooting etc.


Decided to refund this after a couple of minutes. Doesn’t seem like my kind of thing. I think I’ll rather go for Gorn.

Also played free version of Brass Tactics last night. It looks so cool, definitely something I would like to have, but unfortunately it’s an Oculus exclusive and it runs like crap with Revive.


So finally decided to just buy Beat Saber. Only problem is my pc hasn’t been set up for over 3 weeks since I moved into my house. It’s been a mess.


I already have 8 hours in it, even though I can only manage a few minutes at a time, it’s definitely one of my favourites.


Do you have mods installed yet?


Yeah, it was way easier than I thought too, and there are some really well made custom tracks.


Yeah the the modding community is really good.


Also Talos Principle VR is going for R61 :open_mouth:


That’s cool, but I’m going to wait for Thursday. I have a LOT of cool looking games on my Wishlist, and I want to be able to pick and choose the best ones I can get for less than R1000.


Yeah I was thinking the same. Croteam Bundle will be much less than last time this time around if this is anything to go by. But yeah, I also have alot more other things on my wishlist now so it might shift down XD


Your next big VR game next year :grin:


Our work as a Tech Tuesday thing. And it was my turn to get something. I opted for a VR Headset, the Lenovo Explorer. However after realising that I could not repurposed an old server well enough, I made a trade for a PSVR since we already have a PS4. It should arrive today, will be testing that out. Also damn, PS4 games is expensive. Beat Saber and SuperHot are both going for over R400 if I recall correctly.


Wow the standard PS4 is weak. GT Sport runs on pixelated Graphics lol.