The VR Thread


Tethered is the cutest thing ever. At least until your little creatures start committing suicide because you didn’t give them what they need. :fearful:


Finally set up my VR last night and played some Beat Saber. I saw the LoL song by K/DA was added into the game. Pretty neat.


I’ve been having some issues with my headset not connecting this week. I think it’s related to my USB 3 ports, and I’m hoping that getting a proper USB 3 PCIe card will solve the issue. Luckily it does work occasionally.

I have been playing a bit of Tethered, and while it’s really a great idea and shows some of the potential ways VR can work, I really wish the developers listened to user feedback, because it’s a very flawed game with some very annoying micromanagement. It kind of looks like they abandoned the game though.

I also refunded the following just because I can’t myself playing much of them:

Eleven Table Tennis (Too realistic, which means I suck as much as I do in real life :sweat_smile:)
Ocean Rift (it’s cool for a couple of minutes, then there’s nothing more to do)
Asseto Corsa (Spent more time trying to figure out how the interface works than I did playing it, and when I finally managed to play, the controls were all messed up. I’ll rather wait for pay day and get Project Cars 2 from the Humble Monthly, at least I know that works out of the box)


Haha I suck just as much. But I kept it for showing it to other people.


So the VIve Cosmos has been announced
But it looks like just a better WMR headset :confused: