During this latest Steam Game Festival a demo for upcoming game Timberborn caught my eye:

It’s very much a city builder in the mould of Banished but with some intriguing differences:


Mankind turned Earth into a dry wasteland and perished, but some species adapted and evolved. Choose one of the unique beaver factions and see how long your colony can last!

Wet and dry seasons

Prepare your settlement for recurring droughts. Stockpile on food and keep fields and forests alive even after rivers dry up. Rely on both natural water sources and artificial irrigation to keep the land arable.

River control

Redirect rivers, put up dams and dig water canals with explosives – beavers of the future have millennia of experience in water engineering. But be careful, uncontrolled flooding is as deadly as a dynamite blast!


Turn timber into sophisticated machinery, buildings, and monuments. Wood is the core resource in Timberborn, but the most advanced structures require metal. To find it, send your scavengers to the ruins of the old world.

Vertical architecture

Create a thriving beaver settlement using a modular, vertical architecture system. Space is limited, so stack lodges and workshops on top of each other, cover hills with fields, and set up a power grid for your growing population.

Day and night cycle

Build a prosperous city with efficient production chains and beaverish nighttime activities. Follow the lives of individually simulated inhabitants throughout their day and celebrate when the next generation is born!


Satisfy the needs of your colonists to extend their lifespan and make them happier. An evolved beaver’s lifestyle is not just “work, sleep and chomp on wood”. Balanced diet, decorations, temples, even carousels – you take care of it all.

Beaver societies

Control different beaver factions, each with unique style, buildings, and gameplay traits. While some beavers are expert farmers, another family might rely on rapid industrialization. Choose what fits your playstyle!

Map editor

Play on one of the included maps or create your own and share it with the community! With hills of different height, ruins scattered in the desert, and all life depending on access to water, each map poses a different challenge.

…and more!

We regularly add new features and iterate, based on the community’s feedback. We’re making the world’s first beaver city-builder and we want to make it special, so stay in the loop and add Timberborn to your wishlist today!


I’ve sunk a good 6 hours into the Demo which provides you with 2 maps. The goal (for the demo) is to make it through 2 dry seasons. To be able to do this you need to have built some dams to hold the river water that can keep the land watered and fertile and/or have stockpiled enough food and water to get through until the wet season comes again.

The whole thing of verticality is quite important and there’s great potential to build mammoth damns that fill up the valley. Just be careful you don’t flood the village like I did!

If you enjoy city builders and are looking for a fresh new take on the genre I can wholly recommend giving this a try. I’m looking forward to the release, which will apparently be early access to start off.

If you do give the game a go and get a bit stuck since there isn’t more than the briefest of tutorials I can recommend checking out this guide from one of the beta testers - Short Guide

Or ask away here in this thread.


Looks interesting. Sadly no PC.


this looks really coooool, adding to wishlist now


Gratuitous beaver shot warning!


Hmm, a beaver colony. Who would have thought.


How do you build a damn? Don’t you just give one?

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This sounds similar in some respects to the concept demoed in Terra Nil.

Very cool. I’ll definitely check it out.

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Ah you see it’s all about silent “n” or lack there of :wink:

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Attempted the first map twice now and died both times XD, I am not very good at this, going for my third try now, think I may have seen the flaw in my design


The game has been released today


Oh nice! Did not know that

I’ve put a few hours in on the Early Access release. Just like the demo, the game has got its hooks into me. So far my colony has had feasts and famines. At one stage I had so much food I didn’t think I’d run out, then the population grew and all of a sudden it wasn’t enough. Thanks to some hard working berry foragers we made it long enough until the carrot and potato harvest was ready.

My village nearly got wiped out by the latest dry season. Despite all the water tanks and pump stations we were not ready for the extended drought. More than half the beavers died of thirst. But we had enough left by the time the rivers replenished to start things over. I’m going to need to put some planning into a bigger dam complex in order to hold enough water.


Mack thinks it’s Worth A Buy too:

I’m going to try get into a first attempt at not killing all my beavers tonight hopefully.

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Here is a really helpful guide that you can refer to if/when needed as the game has a minimal tutorial and some of the systems are not quite as well explained as they need to be.

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