Torn - A browser game ruining my life

A week ago I came across Torn, a browser text based RPG where you assume the role of a youngster in the notorious Torn city.
My first impression was this will be fun for a couple of days and then this will be pay to play.
How wrong I was…
The learning curve is lessened thanks tot he first couple of missions you get given. They explain more than just the jist of the game, the rest their is a forum with lots of help.
As you level up you get to attempt more and more daring crimes.

What I thought was going to be a monotonous clicker has ended up being a game where using your noggin is a dam good idea.
You don’t have to be logged on all day to progress, just once or twice to use your stats in the gym and commit a couple crimes.

Anybody else play this game?
If this thing interests you it could be cool to get a MEW team together.

Here is the link to my profile


Uh oh, the last browser game I got stuck in was Travian many years ago.

Will check this out, if it doesn’t take too much time at the office.

If it doesn’t take too much time then I’ll also give it a bash. Will read up about it a bit this evening.

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I’m not clicking that link at all!! Nope


They don’t allow three letter names. The scum!

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Ads are getting smarter these days!

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In what way? Have an adblocker on opera so haven’t seen one yet

Is it normal that when I mugged test dummy 1 I got about $40k from it :open_mouth:

That helped me along quite a bit :smiley:


Just teasing you that your post is like a advert for the game disguised as a regular post. Funny thing is that I’ve seen a couple of ads for Torn.




Dont use his referral link, use mine! Torn-City - Massively multiplayer online text based RPG



Is there pvp?

I also got it. I’ve got a list of inactive easy targets to attack to increase your level.
I’ll post it tomorrow from the office

sort of…you can “search” for a player and attack them, i not sure if they’re online if they fight back but it seems to auto respond. havent fought too much yet so maybe i’m not 100% right.

What i HAVE noticed tho, is at least early on…jail is NOT to be feared. never spent more than a minute in jail without some random bailing me out or breaking me out. it got tedious to message them back saying thanks every time :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case, you and Snowbeast should have a dual for referral link rights :grin:

And also record it for Mew’s “statisical analysis”


Jail is a joke. Realised people get points for breaking you out, plus as noobs we are cheap

Just reading this thread now and realizing that @Snowbeast has inadvertently set up MEW Mafia 3.0 - the distraction is real.

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Nobody wanted to play the other mafia with me. Lol

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Moved into Snowbeasts apartment.


Screw Torn, was able to go home at 15:15 but here I am popping LSD and hitting the gym ( have to say in torn or @SIGSTART wil ban :hammer: me)