What Browser Games have you played?

Seeing as @Snowbeast has found a new vice playing a browser game called Torn

What other browser games have you played in the past?

I played:

  1. Travian
  2. Tribal Wars
  3. Ikariam

Those were the main ones I got into but they all took a lot of time. I was sending troops away for the night or waking up early to spend resources in case I was attacked.

There were a few random other ones, like Ogame and some nation state one.

Did you play any? What do you think of them?

Hmm, this is dangerous, I’m wandering how those games have evolved now.


I’m only playing torn right now. As it stands you only need to log in for a couple of minutes a day which suites me down to a T

I remember getting into this a decade ago, crazy to think that it’s still going.

I used to play a fair selection of games on Kongregate.com to get the achievements.

agar.io is a lot of fun and the PUBG inspired surviv.io is really good too.

Years ago i “played” a game called KnightFight

Cannot remember all of them, there were so many.
Most prominent was:
Tribal Wars - Years and years and world upon world, and had a paid account
AstroEmpires - played on a few servers
CookieClicker - still logs in daily :blush:

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Only browser game I ever played was Desktop Tower Defence. And that was probably 10 years ago…