VOTE MEOW! Most Epic Win merch

In response to requests for Most Epic Win merch, we’ve been speaking to YouNeek about doing some custom t-shirts and hoodies for us (thanks for the hook-up @Wyvern!)

@Wyvern has also approached a contact about doing caps, stickers, and lanyards, mugs, tumblers, and water bottles.

The next step is for us to submit designs to print on the t-shirts, hoodies, and face masks.

Our current rhino mascot is just a simple royalty-free clipart that I found on the Internet when I was messing around with Discourse, before MEW was MEW.

However, the guys at YouNeek thinks it’s cool. We just need to find a similar-looking cat mascot so that @teamrhino and @teamcat are represented. Then we need to lay it all out.

This is an open call to the community for suggestions.

I prefer more low-key designs, but if the community votes to have MOSTEPICWIN emblazoned large in and all caps over their ass on the hoodie, then so be it :D.

Here is the feedback I received from YouNeek so that we’re all on the same page:

Greatness, thanks for the artwork. Although simplistic, I do think the Rhino would look pretty cool on hoodies and tees! Do you have a specific placement for the printing you would prefer? I would recommend the rhino on the left chest for the tees and nice and big in the center for the hoodies. For face masks I think it would look nice and clean to have the Rhino on the one side and MEW on the other.

A quick ballpark for these would be:

Tees: R200 per t-shirt

Pullover Hoodie: R400 per hoodie

Zip-up Hoodie: R435 per hoodie

Face masks: R35 per face mask

Our quality is always our utmost priority, so you can be rest assured about that.

The colours for the garments can be mixed and matched or one-colour. For example, grey sleeves, black body etc. Sky is the limit :wink:

A cat mascot option would be nice as well I think. It would be flippen cool if the cat mascot could be in the same style as the rhino!

Let me know your thoughts and we can take it from there :slight_smile:

So to recap, here’s what’s needed:

  1. Cat mascot. Royalty free or intellectual property owned by forum member which can be ceded to MEW (or inexpensive to buy a licence for — costs of artwork can be recouped in merch sales).
  2. T-shirt and hoodie designs based on the cool products on offer at YouNeek. Where do you want the logo? Where should the text go?
  3. ???
  4. GROFIT!

I was wondering about that! I saw his elephant counterpart on a website somewhere at some point.


Is it weird that I care very little (overstatement…i care absolutely zero fucks) about the whole “cat and rhino” team crap. Im on MEW…so that said, i’d be fully supportive of a MEW hoody :smiley:


I honestly am soooooooo excited!

I want a zip up hoodie, I will leave the design up to the youneek guys or someone here :stuck_out_tongue:
I also dont care about the teams but dont touch our rhino! I love our logo

Have a look at some of what they have done already (This is one of my personal favourites)

I would require only that its not to colourful

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This one right here. Can’t afford one, but I’ve been wanting one of these for ages.

I’m guessing we’ll decide on colours as a community? Meaning, one person can’t get black, another red, another blue, etc…?


That is their new one - I have the BC Lite and I own the Chill hoodie.

I think we can keep it simple colour wise? Charcoal/black or grey? Im sure if you want it in another colour it will be done.


yeah that’s pretty bloody awesome. I might have to invest in one for the winter.

GoFundMe link to follow :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m good with black, but my preferred colour is generally olive, like on the Lost Voyager Hoodie you posted. The black sleeves do look pretty sick though.


Im good with most jewel tone colours :stuck_out_tongue:
Nothing bright and shiny nor yellow nor neon :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive actually just ordered a BC lite hoodie for Nima and had the guys turn it into a zippered version

All the BC hoodies


Kom wees kreatief ek weet jy kan

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Holy crap! I found the cat version of the Rhino

But I prefer these




Nice! I’m more interested in a zippered version than a pullover. I actually don’t like pullovers.


Yeah, I’m about the same. Would be dope.


yeah that is definitely epic. Thanks for pointing that in my direction.
Also I am now going to browse everything on the YouNeek site.


Woot! Thanks for the kitty clipart! The second or last one should work nicely.

I too would prefer a zippered version.


Your feeble attempt at being above my efforts to stoke friendly rivalry is feeble! :smiling_imp:

I still think the answer is a rhino / cat hybrid ::innocent:


A rhat?


A catino?


Wish I had some spare time to put my pathetic image manipulation skills to work.


I vote for the ginger cat!