WarCraft 3: Reforged

So since more news on WarCraft 3: Reforged is expected at BlizzCon in a few weeks, and since lots of gameplay and in-game art has now leaked out, I thought this might be a good time to get a topic going.

The official site:

The remastered intro cinematic:

A full Human vs Orc match:

The beta isn’t officially available yet, so this is still very much WIP footage.

Anyone else excited for this? What are your hopes and expectations? I sunk many happy hours into this game and can’t wait to try out the remaster.

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who will get this especially after all the hearthstone controversies?

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Not me to be honest but then again I have avoided them for a while now.

I should add in I was never a huge fan of this type of gaming, so only played very little of it.

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WarCraft is a game, not a piece of political propaganda. I will therefore judge this product on its merits as a game, and make my buying decision accordingly.


I never played any of the Warcraft games.

Let the flamewars begin.

Man, that gameplay video brought back memories.

Let’s keep the discussions around Activision Blizzard’s various PR blunders in their relevant topics, and keep this topic for the WarCraft 3 remaster.

There are already topics up for the Hearthstone/Hong Kong free speech controversy and the “Don’t you guys have phones” meme.

I’d like to add that there is nothing wrong with any of the comments posted in this topic so far. It is valid to consider how the backlash Blizzard has faced will affect the release of WarCraft 3: Reforged.

People have high expectations of Blizzard, and therefore when it missteps and looks so out of touch with its loyal player base people are naturally very disappointed.

I’m just trying to guard against every Blizzard topic on the forum turning into a discussion about the same thing. It’s fair to raise the points here, but if there is any follow-up discussion I think it is appropriate to create a link to the relevant topics where such issues are being discussed and taking it there.

As you were!


Sorry, this just looks boring…

I can see that, the normal building ain’t for me either but the custom maps are where its at.

I really hope it turns out good, I really really hope it is good.


I remember playing through the whole campaign, only had to use cheats on the last Undead mission. I remember the story being very good with twists in the tale and heroic sacrifices etc. It was a great game.

I don’t know if I’d replay it with the remaster though, just so many new games.

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Its a RTS like Age of Empires but fantasy setting right?

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More like Starcraft but with a greater emphasis on hero units.

The Warcraft 3 custom maps were a lot of fun, with one of them going on to be quite popular… ever heard of Dota?

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A pity @Sweepslag left out the following video in his first post because this truly highlights what Reforged brings to the table:

The original WC3 story & campaign retold with completely new in-game cutscenes. :heart_eyes:

Me. I pre-purchased the Spoils of War Edition last year when it was first announced, long before the HS/HK controversy, because I love Blizzard’s RTS titles and this is a complete nostalgia purchase for me. I’m also hoping, however unlikely, that Blizzard may use the interest in Reforged to gauge whether or not to finally start working on WC4.

In other news the MP beta began this week and I’m already downloading it! :grin:


I also like blizzard RTS and would love to get WC4. Just that gaming has become so much about money and not the love of the Game. That I wonder what message we as consumers send to these big corp when still buying there games when they more interested in pleasing the china government than their customers.

going to watch that video now

Who has a nice video summarizing the fail that is this game and the vortex of shit that surrounds it?
I love watching publishers crash and burn after making dumb decisions.

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This was in my recommendations.


I haven’t even checked but I’m sure Angry Joe is screaming his angry head off about this. Stuff to watch on the drive home :slight_smile:

This damn meme dub video thing gets me every time

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I watched this one to get me up to speed.

Before all this I watched this.

I’m all caught up and all I can say is… Yoh, didn’t think they could do much worse than diablo mobile, but here we are.

It’s not like they even had to make the pizza, they just had to put it in the oven and maybe add some seasoning. Meanwhile, they burnt the pizza, destroyed the oven and capsized an oil tanker in the process.

Good job Bliz, you outplayed yourself.

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