What are you listening to?



You get 10000000000 internet points


This is the greatest video in all of the world!! I am proud to say I watched this now about 10 times. It’s just glorious.

Also, the video editor even made sheet music available for the song. Just so incredible.





I am not a big fan of the “growling” metal genre, at some level it creeps me out.


nsfw music video




The sound design in Warframe is great. Their composer Keith Power has consistently delivered ear-worm themes.

But he’s outdone himself this time. Can’t stop humming this.


I heard it as well, this guy is impressive. Its just another reason to love the game


Do you watch Zoid Afrika?
The colabs she does with each artist is so amazing. She is able to make any song her and and give it that special something. Lots of people do not like here, but there is no denying she is musically damn talented


This song came up on a Y2K playlist - brought back a few memories of the ol’ highschool days:


This is not what I expected, colour me impressed:




That is actually pretty good. Speaks to the viking in all of us, even though it is not viking but Maori :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I discovered them last night. Pretty damn good.

EDIT: I just saw that they were like 15, 15 and 17 at the time of this videos and they are playing Wacken this year. That’s crazy.