What are you listening to?


Very underrated band. Originally started as a side project by then In Flames guitarist, Jesper Strömblad.






Enjoying Skillet currently





One of my current favourite songs atm.


@Blazzok and other people who don’t normally listen to metal. The following song is a goosebumps song for me. Would you humour me and listen through the whole thing with headphones on? What do you think of it? It’s more mainstream than what I normally listen to.


I don’t know if I would call Satyricon mainstream, but I get what you’re saying.

My favourite song of theirs:

Fair worning. Nudity. NSFW



I love the music from both these artists but more Karen. I think her musical talent and range is badass.


I tried but I can’t listen to this. I try to have an open mind to music and listen to as much genres as possible (with obvious favourites), but this one is a no go.


I am a sucker for strong female vocalists


Now this I like. Listen to them from time to time. She is really good.



Zoid is amazing. Pure talent. I laugh as she calls DJ’s ‘playdrukkers’ :joy:

I love djs too though :grinning:


this floored me, it’s like a modern version of The Cure!

love love love