What are you listening to?


I go into a dark black hole once I start with the nashville soundtracks


Sounds cool. And in the video I like that room with the photos hanging. Nice effect.



Why is this not played more on radios?


Love that Harry Styles song also


That kid has a voice - it got lost in the group, I also love that they are writing lyrics. Not just one liners


Because record companies… you can fill in the rest.


Not really listening to it myself, but for those who are into metal check out my home studio project with a good buddy of mine. We released a single from our upcoming EP today. Yeah, I’m shamelessly promoting myself.


If you don’t, no one else will be likely to.


You are welcome to create a thread for it @Wlad


I’ll wait until we release our first EP, which will probably be early next year. Depending on when we can get all the music and everything else done.


Okay, not a genre that I’d claim to be very knowledgeable about, but wow… even to my old ears that is a fine piece of work @Wlad! Really good. Both musically and lyrically. Happy to have Soul’s Darkness as my first Bandcamp follow! (Am I correct in assuming that Wlad = Waldo?)


Thank you so much for the kind words. Yes sir, you are indeed 100% correct in that assumption.


Yeah also not really my kind of genre, but I appreciate it for the work that must have gone into it. Found myself listening to the lyrics quite a bit, which I don’t normally do :+1:


Haha well considering that the lyrics are basically the premise of Demon’s Souls it makes sense since you are a gamer. :stuck_out_tongue:

It also helps that my buddy has really good enunciation when he’s doing vocals.



I REALLY am not a fan of growling as much as others in this thread but I find this band interesting because of the juxtaposition between the celtic and metal.


If you’d like some MENA flavours in your metal with super clean vocals, try the following: