What are you listening to?


One of the most underrated bands ever. Sucks that they split up.



I literally just got their new album. Haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet.


They are one of my favs to listen too, when I want to switch off and just relax. Love the complexity and real lyrics.




I made a thing. Very basic but it does the job.


It’s a nice thing! I’m just interested what the inspiration for the song is… Lyrics are obviously always open to interpretation, but it’s always nice hearing from the mouth / pen / keyboard of the song writer.


Check the video description :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s inspired by Demon’s Souls hence all the Demon’s Souls images and references to the lore of the game. The whole idea behind the project is “gamercore” i.e metal inspired by games. Both of us are big gamers and especially big Soulsborne fans.





Our next video is out now:



This band is so good. Very different now from this but still great.



Damn this stupid catchy song!


Nice band! I will be listening to more of them, they seem to be scratching my Linkin Park itch.



Metalcore is not dead. Killer track