What are you listening to?



the new Dawn of Ashes is coming and they’re back to the viciousness they once were :smiling_imp:


Love this band!


Aw hell to the yaw!
that was flippin great!

this is my fave band at the moment

if you like it, look for the album Worlds Apart. Put on headphones, lie down and dissapear.


Fantastic live set by none other than Daft Punk




What?! ABR did a Zelda song?


I know right!

And it’s amazing.


Jip. Basically like a cover of the theme song but with their twist on.

Soul’s Darkness will most likely also have a Zelda song, but it will be something on it’s own.

/This thing just told me I’ve posted more than 20% of the replies on this topic. You people need to share more music :stuck_out_tongue:


From one of my current favourite albums:


I like that. Kind of get a Leprous vibe from it and from the comments I see I’m not alone.



I can see why people are reminded of Leprous, but I’m not a fan of theirs. Haken, on the other hand, is one of the better melodic prog bands of the past 10 years.


And another melodic prog track from my most anticipated album of 2019:




Wow, that was unexpected, when I pressed play I was expecting a growling deathmetal remake.


Hey! You can’t put me in a box! :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside I enjoy most genres of music, metal is just where my heart is at.

That’s not a bad idea though…

EDIT. It’s been done, not death metal but still metal.