What are you playing now?



It’s fun to see what people are playing. And it just so happens to be my favourite thread of the previous forum.

What are you currently playing?


I’m busy with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Pretty good so far.


Replaying Watch Dogs 2 on Xbox. It’s actually a really fun game. Much better than the original.

Will be traveling so my gaming will then only be focused around the Switch, and there I’m playing Mario and Stardew Valley


Currently in GW2, might do a quick play in D3 just to get the cosmetic wings.


I’m trying to make my way through Hexcells Infinite again. Managed to unlock a new board. Yay me.


I’ve got a a bigger list than usual on my plate at the moment:

Audioshield (VR)
Narcosis (VR)
Prison Architect (PC)
Nioh: Complete Edition (PC)
State of Decay: Year One (XBox One)


I love the fact that the site actually has the view of the site you are linking to, showing your Trello list while on the forum. It’s awesome!!


Busy playing:

Nioh: Complete Edition


Im busy playing Dauntless as well as dont starve… Want to play through all the games on my pc eventually :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The usual

PUBG, battlefield 1
And on my phone I’m playing stranger things, quite fun little game.


Busy playing too many games at once as usual:

Get Even
Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin

Zelda Breath of the Wild

Middle Earth Shadow of War
Dishonored 2


Guys I need help to get out of my pubg hole. This goddamn game isn’t going to give me a heart attack.

Along with that, super mario odessey. Man, what a brilliant game.


Stop playing shitty multiplayer games. :face_vomiting:

There I did my part. :smirk:


You mean thats possible!


over a long period of time yes


PUBG is kinda dominating my game time now… Might start Nier over the weekend


You should do that, it’s really a superb little game full of character and charm.


vanquish, you just shoot alot, reminds me of bulletstorm


Currently playing:

Super Mario Odyssey
Stardew Valley

Xbox One:
Watch Dogs 2

Cities Skyline


Mummy Demastered

AC Origins

Shadow Tactics