What are you playing now?



Fully agree. Also, BT has to be one of the coolest NPC companions in games. I like how they develop the relationship between you as pilot and titan, you actually find yourself caring about him.


Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. I am most impressed with the download client. I have been playing for 2 days and the game has not even completed downloading. I am also impressed by the fact that I can set the download rate for the Origin client. It allows me to continue downloading and still have bandwidth for work/family netflix.

The game itself follows much the same story loop as ME and ME2. It is good, not great. I like the change of scenery and purpose from the other 2 though.


Give it time, by the fourth planet you might get bored :frowning:


I want to get back into it. I loved the couple of hours I spent with it on PS4…



woweeeeeee hard. so so hard. definitely took inspiration from the souls series.

Open world survive-a-thon.

I struggled for 20 hours before feeling like I could confidently fight any enemy, now Im finally able to punch above my weight.
A worthy play for any rpg fan.


Nice man! I loved ELEX. Can’t wait for the sequel.

Being so helpless at the start and then working my way up to wrecking those big mechs in seconds later on was super rewarding.

While the writing is a bit iffy here and there and the voice acting is not the greatest, the overall story and world is pretty decent and I really liked the different factions.


I am playing it as well, if ever you want to try the multiplayer just give me a shout, have not tried it yet myself.

Also really liking the game, made me start the ME series over again, if you listen closely to the dialog in andromeda there are alot of references to the first two ME games. Will be playing andromeda today from about 17:30


I’m also busy with Andromeda (in-between Hitman sessions).

One thing I do find with the game that contributes to the “boringness” is that nothing really matters with regards to the things you pick up. When you loot something, you get all these different things that sounds cool when you read the names but you can’t really do anything with it besides sell it for salvage. I think the whole weapons and crafting system is maybe just too big.

On the positive side, this version allows mods :smiley:. Being able to jump long distances like in the Matrix helps speed things up a bit. Also, if I remember correctly, I actually did like the story.



Batman Arkham asylum
Guilty Gear XRD Sign
Quantum of Solace

Xbox One X
Batman Arkham Knight
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
The wolf among us


My list of games that I’m juggling seems to be getting bigger and bigger lately:

Apex Legends
Titanfall 2

Still need to get back into The Witcher 3 and carry on my quest
Also need to get going with Hitman in order to complete the GameClub challenge


Elite Dangerous (PC)
Crosscode (PC)


Playing Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor PC
Little bit of Anthem now and then.


I finished Red Dead Redemption 2, the epilogues and all and I loved it so much.

Now I’m playing:
Divinity Original Sin (XBox One)
Metro Exodus (PC)
Assassin’s Creed Origins (PC)


Mass Effect: Andromeda, PC
Far Cry 5, PC
Apex Legends, PC

Batman: Arkham Asylum, PS3


Xbox One X

Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Forza Horizon 3


Dead or Alive 5 - Last Round
House of the Dead 4


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Dark Souls: PTD
Witcher 3 (5-15 minutes here and there)


Started and finished Battlefield Hardline this weekend.
Like all the other Battlefield games, I enjoyed it, but I’m glad it’s over.


Stardew Valley
CreeperWorld 3


Xbox One X

The wolf among us


Pandora’s Tower


I downloaded DMCV last night and have been playing DOA6 everyday. I love the DOA mechanics which are like nothing else. Online ranked has been mostly okay connection wise.