What are you playing now?



Xbox :

Dark Souls Remastered
Debating whether to also play JC4 concurrently

Obra Dinn
Grim Dawn

South Park


Dark Souls (PTD)
Darksiders III
Hitman (sort of :p)

Spider-Man Silver Lining

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 :heart_eyes:


Valkyria Chronicles 4 -
the sequel I always wanted.

Yakuza 0 -
lots of side content to work through. I love the franchise but it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider -
surprisingly excellent so far. More of the same but less combat, which is fine.

CrossCode -
Secret of Mana meets Chrono Trigger plus a bunch of original ideas. Gorgeous art, beautiful music, brain teasing puzzles and some adrenaline pumping combat. I love this game!


The Messenger


Yakuza, respect. Which platform you playing on?


PS4, I bought it at launch, same with Kiwami 1 and 2 and Yakuza 6. They are lengthy games and it’s easy to get sidetracked. I got into the series with the original on PS2.


I’ve finished every game in the franchise except Kenzan and Ishin, which were never localised. I started with Yakuza 3 on PS3 then I bought 1&2 and got a PS2 to play them. From there I played them all as they came out. Finished Kiwami 2 just before the end of last year.

Patiently waiting for 3-5 HD to come to West then I’ll start from 0 again and do them all and actually go for most of the side content, I only dabble in side quests because I NEED to see what happens in the story, even though I know the side content is amazing.

Also can’t wait for Judgement.


Finished FORM and Twilight Path. I guess I kind of finished Summer Funland too, though it’s basically just a bunch of mini-games and virtual rides.

Still playing Beat Saber (don’t think I’ll ever stop) and other random VR games.


Breach, early access team game, on steam. Yes I know, I am a sucker for paying to beta test a game, but I needed something new.

It is pretty fun, still limited content at the moment but it has some very interesting ideas.

In a nutshell: fantasy warframe but you can play the bad guy against a team of 4 heroes in PVP.


I spent some time on Yakuza 0 minigames this weekend. It’s funny how something which seems dull to begin with, can become quite enjoyable. I did some fishing and pocket circuit races.
I actually forgot that Judgement is coming out this year! I’m also exited for that.


I quite enjoyed my PVP in Breach this weekend. Playing a disembodied spirit that can possess the monsters a team of 4 people are fighting and dropping traps at their feet in creative ways to delay them completing objectives was a very very novel experience.


I’m making good progress in Dark Souls. Killed Seath, Nito and the Four Kings yesterday. Only have Valley of Drakes and Demon Ruins left now before going to DLC.


Dark Souls PTD

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Mostly it’s just Xenoblade though. I’m ever so slightly addicted to it at the moment. Finished the game at 70 hours then started with post game leveling and trying to unlock all the characters. I’m at 93 hours now and still going strong.



Battlefield 1


PlayStation 4
Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC
Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin

Xbox One
Elite Dangerous

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild


Finally completed Subnautica, amazing game.
Downloading ME:Andromeda to give it a spin
Probably will chill with some glass base building under the sea with No Man’s Sky until ME:A is downloaded


Red Dead Redemption 2 (XBox One)
Assassin’s Creed Origins (PC)


Titanfall 2! (on PC)

I’m really enjoying it.


I have it on PS4, but as I keep saying on here, Destiny 2 is eating up all my game time. 3 more PL to climb to max out for this season!


It’s such a superb game, everyone deserves to play it.