What are you playing now?



Wii (nes classic title)

Milk & nuts

Xbox one x

Forza horizon 4
Mgs v the phantom pain

Xbox 360

Dantes inferno


Beat Saber
Final Approach

Other random VR games.


Dark Souls is kicking my ass. LOL

Also, Thimbleweed Park is really awesome, especially on the Switch with touch controls. Highly recommended to people who enjoyed old school Lucasarts Adventure Games. It’s 100% a Ron Gilbert game and I love it for that. Humour and overall writing is excellent.


Take it from someone with 762 hours in Destiny 1. The game is a massive time sink and the amount of content in House of Wolves and Taken King was staggering.


Xbox One X

Forza Horizon 4

PS 3
Battle Fantasia
House of the Dead 4


Yeah I realised the extra strikes add a ton of content. Sadly, I’m a solo player and the community is dead, so I always end up playing the strikes alone. If I’m not 10+ levels above the required level for the strike, I can’t solo it. So the 36 required level strikes from TTK are gonna stay unplayed for me…


That’s unfortunate. Guess I could always boot mine up again (hopefully didn’t delete it).

But it’s sad you won’t be able to play the raids, they really are the highlight of the game.


It’d be great to co-op a bit!


Too bad my Destiny 1 is deleted, I would have liked to play some strikes like the old days. I miss those days with @BeoTeK, @Talentloos and @MalicE

Just talking kak while shooting kak. Those were the days…


We played a fuck load of destiny


I’m pretty much just into Destiny 1 for the lore and back story to Destiny 2. I’d like to complete as much of it as possible though…


Yeah, sadly everyone migrated to PC version. But nonetheless, it seems my PS+ is going to expire in just under a week, and I have about a weekend worth of updates to do to Destiny 1 (as I uninstalled, didn’t think I would revisit it).

@FarligOpptreden - will let you know, maybe during the week we can make a plan.


Dude, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’d join you on PS in a heartbeat if I could download the 36GB update, but sadly I’m using my mom’s capped internet so I can’t. The only reason I went to PC is because they gave the game away for free, then someone bought me Forsaken and brought the game files so I didn’t have to download anything.

I’m still waiting for you to man up and come play Bloodborne though.


Sounds great man! I think we need to get everyone here who owns Destiny 1 to sherpa me through the strikes and raids. :smile:


At the moment I’m playing:

On PC:
Assetto Corsa

On Xbox One:
Elite Dangerous
HITMAN Season 1.


Starting getting back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yesterday. The combat system still confuses me a little bit, but it’s manageable at least and the characters and story are excellent.


Xbox one X

Forza Horizon 4


The last of Us




Finished the original Starcraft 1, will start Broodwars later.
Started with Hitman season 1.
And start Detroit again, mostly to demonstrate the game to a friend, but I might as well play through it now.


Played Jackbox locally a few nights back. It lagged. Quite a bit. Not sure if I need faster internet (currently on 8mbps) or a new/better router :confused:
Had fun none the less!


I can’t finish Resident Evil 6. Not enjoying it at all. I played Revelations 1 and 2 end of last year and they were a lot better than 6. I hope to get 7 at some point in the near future.

So now I’m playing:
Red Dead Redemption 2 (XBox One)
What Remains of Edith Finch (PC)