What are you playing now?



Crucible is SO much fun! Just equip a decent pulse rifle like Bygones or Go Figure and you’re good to go. If you play Hunter, make sure you play Solar class and equip Barrage of Blades (assuming that was your new subclass unlock during The Forsaken’s campaign) and you’ll be pretty unstoppable and rack up the multi-kills.

I’m not a gear snob either and pretty much equip whatever drops I get that are higher than my currently equipped gear. I do have some favourite weapons that I keep upgrading though - I always run with Thunderlord (power) and Bad Reputation (energy) in PvE. I vary my kinetic weapon and currently juggling either Ace of Spades, Tigerspite, Bygones or Go Figure. In PvP I play with a pulse rifle as my kinetic and Trust (revolver with explosive payload and firefly!) in my energy slot. I rarely use a power weapon in Crucible, but I prefer a linear fusion rifle for some insta-snipes.

Gambit is a hell of a lot of fun. I’m still grinding the Breakneck auto rifle and have another 16 matches to go before it’s done… At least all my kill milestones for the quest are done, so now I can play with any weapon other than an auto rifle (which is terrible for Gambit). I recently for the Malfeasance quest drop as well, so I’m busy doing the Dreaming City stuff for it before I head back to Gambit for those milestones.

Did you manage to complete your sleigh and all the Dawning triumphs? It feels like the Essence of Dawning drops started getting scarce over the weekend, as I had 5 more cookies to bake for the full 120, but only managed to farm 30 essence in a 5 hour period! I need to hurry up, as the reset is tomorrow evening and then the event is done. I want my insta-spawn sled!


Mostly killing floor 2 and vermintide 2.


I am still grinding out the cookies I’m on the last 20! I will post a photo of my setup later, current I have my sunshot and borealis as well as missfit, then the origin story and I swing between the thunderlord and l Black talon, and always arc on my warlock. I just love electricuting everything


Along with the usual rounds of CS:GO, I’ve been enamoured with Forza Horizon 4, the game looks amazing and is just plain fun to play. I’ve been taking of the Game Pass trial to play it and will grab the month subscription for R5 to enjoy it for another month, but I am leaning towards purchasing it outright as it seems like a game you could play for a long time.


I thought the same with FH3. It kept me busy for a good 40 hours until I completed the final showcase event. Then all of a sudden it felt like a chore doing everything else… So I stopped playing it and haven’t been motivated to fire it up again.


I am having such a good time with Bloodborne again. Managed to make some high level dungeons for farming weapon gems but it’s really challenging so I decided to make a new build while I’m at it.


Killing floor 2, Vermintide 2, and also started the FEAR seriess that my SS got me, currently busy with the first one, old game but i really enjoy the gunplay and the scares are quite atmospheric


PlayStation 4
Destiny 2
Red Dead Redemption 2

Xbox One

Pillars of Eternity


I finished my Dawning grind for Destiny 2 and decided to give it a bit of a break for tonight. So I fired up Destiny 1 and continued the Taken King story.


I’m doing Mass Effect Andromeda and when I get bored with it (which is often), I switch to Starcraft Remastered. I never finished the original games back in 97/98 so I’m getting to it now. Almost finished with the first Zerg campaign.

Once I’m done with Starcraft and Broodwars, I’ll start with Hitman and continue my playthrough of Starcraft 2 which I last stopped somewhere in the beginning of the Zerg campaign.


Xbox One X
Forza Horizon 4 (performance mode, 60 FPS makes a massive difference and it still looks pretty damn good)
Dirt 4 (best dirt title in a long time much better than dirt 3 but it lacks features like where is the replay mode and no Xbox One Enhanced support, i still think previous gen dirt 2 is a better looking game)


Have you played Dirt Rally?

I’m really looking forward to Dirt Rally 2.0.


i didnt like the handling model of dirt rally its not forgiving and its more orientated for steering wheels imo, i prefer the handling of dirt 4 with a controller its way more forgiving yet it doesnt feel too arcadey at all.


I’ve been SO tempted to grab it, but concerned that the procedural tacks as as crap as the internet makes it out to be. Is there a proper campaign and meaningful sense of progression? That’s what I loved from previous DiRT games, especially Showdown.


yes its really fleshed out, you can hire crews and make sponsorship deals for your team etc.


Dark Souls
Destiny 2

AC Odyssey

Thimbleweed Park


In my seemingly endless thrashing around looking for something meaningful (for me) to play, I am going back to Elder Scolls Online for a bit


Resident Evil 6 (PC)
Red Dead Redemption 2 (XBox)


I seem to still be in a Destiny rut. At least I could drag myself away from Destiny 2 to make meaningful progress in Destiny 1 and its DLC. I’m close to the conclusion of The Taken King and have a mandatory strike from the House of Wolves still left to do. Then I need to start on the arenas on the Prison of Elders. Then finally I need to figure out how to access the Rise of Iron content - I presume I have to wait until I ding level 40 (currently at 35).

I just find it surprising how the original Destiny is still as gorgeous as the sequel. Most, if not all, of the maps won’t look out of place in Destiny 2. In fact, most are thematically carried over to the new game (Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus, The Reef, Tower) and during the initial Thunderlord quest we got a throwback to Destiny 1’s opening area on Old Russia (the Cosmodrome) and it looked pretty much like the first game’s area.

There was a particular sequence in The Taken King where you enter this huge portal / gate on your way to steal Crota’s soul that was just breathtaking. I strolled slowly to the gate, just taking in the grandeur of the sequence.


How are you finding Resi 6?

I enjoyed playing it with a friend, but then I’m not a RE purist having only played RE 5 before. I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I had fun.