What are you playing now?



Started playing Just Cause 3, and i see there are friendly leaderboards :smiley:


Playing some Warframe again, crossed the 1000 hours played line. Not sure if that is anything to be proud of :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One of the few games I have ever played where I did not stop when I hit “end game”. I refuse to do end game grinds.


Well i’m waiting for AC: Origins to finish downloading :roll_eyes:


That’s one im watching on PS4 for a price drop, but it’s not budging.


Started a Borderlands series playthrough with a buddy who’s never really played any of them. Hoping we finish 1 and 2 (or even just 1) by the time the next game club comes around (after Hitman) so we can play that as part of GameClub.

Also started with Fallout New California, total conversion mod for New Vegas. Its really good so far.


Playing Return of the Obra Dinn, and it’s absolutely amazing!! It’s such a difficult yet great game to play. It’s so different, captivating and engaging.

Also playing some OpenTTD and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


I shouldn’t try this out again. At least not now.

Been playing way too much Oxygen Not Included.


I finished Life is Strange: Before the Storm and it was exceptional. I loved it so much.

So I’m playing:
Resident Evil Revelations 2 (XBox)
Pillars of Eternity (PC)
Frostpunk (PC)


I just downloaded that. Um, then I kept playing Oxygen Not Included.


I will have to start again with it today. Played it early in the year but never finished it. Have been putting it off but today is the day.

@BeoTeK is also playing it now.


Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

The first boss is making me rage quit… :expressionless:


Tekken 7



Xbox One X
Halo 5

Outrun online Arcade

Battle City


AC Origins (PC)


Elite Dangerous again. The developers have done some great work on the mining, it is actually interesting and relaxing and also a good in game money maker.


Lord Miyazaki has recently confirmed that FROM SOFTWARE is currently working on 2 unannounced “from software-esque” titles so I started thinking about Bloodborne a lot. Like all the time. So I moved my PS4 to my bedroom and now I’m playing mostly just that.

Some Destiny 2 on PC when the punishment gets to be too much.


Shout if you need help lol finished the game a while ago can always play with.

Been stuck in destiny 2, loving the game, I want to alteast reach power lev cap before i stop.


A wee some. Thanks. I managed to kill the first boss - dodging and rolling is a thing.
This is also the first RPG where I find better gear in the stores.


…and then the cap gets increased. :smile: I suspect it’ll get raised by another 50 when the next DLC hits by March.


Shooooosh lol I am loving the game and it is great fun to play with @malice and @talentloos.

My biggest thing is I am refusing to farm for top end gear. At least I have discovered the magic that is gambit - loving it, still avoiding the cruciable